SUPERMAN #19 – The Truth shall set the Kryptonian Free

Superman #19, DC Comics, Front Cover

The Truth shall set Superman Free

The fallout from Superman’s decision to reveal his true identity to the world continues with some very surprising twists and turns that even the Man of Steel didn’t see coming. (But Lois did!) And, Mongul returns. It’s all here as the second installment of “Truth” continues in Superman #19!


Art Imitates Life

Superman #19 features an intriguing case of art imitating life. Only a day has passed since Superman’s revelation, and the fallout continues. 

Brian Michael Bendis takes Clark’s identity reveal to new heights as Perry White highlights the unexpected consequences of Clark’s revelation: It makes the legal department nervous. It’s one thing to have a reporter who has an inside connection with the most powerful man in the universe, but finding out that he’s one of your staff writers? 

Between the lawyers and the insurance underwriters, the Daily Planet can’t afford to have the Man of Steel on staff. However, given the buzz surrounding the news, Perry is ready to hire Clark full time if he’s willing to continue doing what he does best: Reporting the news with a keen eye while also hitting on the stories that count. (For the record, Lois knew her husband would either be hired, or fired, but certainly not both!)

Superman #19, DC Comics, Page 2

Truth…And Consequences

With the secret out, Superman has a new way of looking at things. He doesn’t have to hide anymore but he also doesn’t know how his revelation will be received by the citizens of Metropolis. Surprisingly, Superman discovers that the world doesn’t stop. Life goes on. And by sharing his identity it seems as though he has given the villains a run for their money. Things are quiet…too quiet. 

While things are quiet on Earth, there’s a battle brewing as Mongul returns. He’s ready to disrupt the “unity” building across the universe, and when Superman shows up he’s ready for him. 

Superman #19, DC Comics, Page 3

Give Us All Of The Reactions!

The highlight of Superman #19 is seeing how Clark’s colleagues respond to his big news. Over the years, he has saved so many of them and they finally get a chance to thank him. Bendis gives Jimmy some really fun one-liners. It would be nice to have more reaction given the magnitude of this event. 

The Mongul story will no doubt play a huge role in the arc moving forward, and that could be very unfortunate if it overshadows what was building in the first half of the story. Regardless, it’s always fun to see Superman in action, and Ivan Reis makes it all look so damn good that the story starts to take a back seat to the fight scenes.

There’s also a tease for an upcoming one-shot, Superman: Heroes #1, which explores the Justice League’s reaction to Superman’s revelation. 

Superman #19 is available now via DC Comics.

Superman #19, DC Comics, Page 4