BLOODSHOT BOOK ONE – Action Reborn under a violent hail of Gunfire

Bloodshot Front Cover, Valiant Entertainment, Soda and Telepaths

Two words made this Bloodshot book a no brainer for me:

Booth is one of the artists I’ve followed since his Wildstorm days. From Marvel to DC, it’s so refreshing to see Booth land at Valiant and do some incredible work that finally lets him let loose. His creator-owned series BACKLASH is still one of my favorite comics from the old Image days. His runs on Teen Titans and TITANS were great but I’ll always prefer Booth tearing it up on a book like Bloodshot where he can really stretch his wings in terms of all-out action. BLOODSHOT is an incredible return to form for OG Wildstorm artist.


Bloodshot Book One reads like a big-budget summer blockbuster movie. It lights the fires early and they burn throughout this collection’s last page. From the opening of the VALIANT: BLOODSHOT FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2019 SPECIAL in which artist Tomás Giorello joins writer Tim Seeley to the last page of BLOODSHOT #3, this collection does not let up on the action. 

Bloodshot Book One, Page 2

This Trade Reads Like a Big Blockbuster

New series writer Time Seeley brings his outstanding brand of covert military storytelling to Bloodshot with a much-needed shot of adrenaline. After the brooding, reflective, and traumatized take on Bloodshot in Jeff Lemire’s BLOODSHOT: REBORN series, it’s nice to see our hero back to what makes him great. With a beautifully unique character design such as his, Bloodshot should be kicking ass and taking names with the best of them and not crying in the rain. 

BLOODSHOT BOOK ONE finds The White Ghost being hunted by a new black ops organization that has it out for our boy very badly. While this new series brings Bloodshot back to basics and shows us why he’s great again, this new threat sets out to test Bloodshot in ways he’s never been tested before. 

Bloodshot Book One, Page 24

The Action is Killer… Literally.

The action here is killer. It was so refreshing to see a hero able to just throw himself headfirst into battle with absolutely zero regards for his own safety and come out roughly unscathed on the other side. From being a human bullet sponge to walking through fire as well as a scene where Bloodshot walks away from a head-on collision with a van full of baddies, this book just bursts with awesome moments of action. One moment sees a burning Bloodshot jump into an attacking helicopter’s blades to bring it down. PURE AWESOME!

This collection is a perfect reintroduction of the character for long-time fans as well as a fresh jumping-on point for new readers who may be wanting to catch up on things before the major motion picture releases this spring. 

Whether you’re a lapsed fan, a newcomer, or a fan of big-budget action comics, I can’t recommend BLOODSHOT BOOK ONE enough. You will not be disappointed. 

Bloodshot Book One is available now.

Bloodshot Book One, Page 25