X-FACTOR faces their biggest threat in issue 66 – THEIR $%#!ING SHIP!

X-FACTOR faces their biggest threat in issue 66 - THEIR $%#!ING SHIP! 2

X-Factor Versus the Danger Room

X-Factor No. 66, was brought together by a dream team of creators. Jim Lee and Whilce Portacio came up with the plot, while Chris Claremont wrote out the script. Then Portacio added his stellar pencils.

Continuing their fight with Apocalypse, X-Factor faces their biggest threat in this issue — their ship. It’s just like the more recent X-Men arc, “Danger,” where the Danger Room’s A.I. contracted evil intentions to try and kill the people inside it. Cyclops reiterates that “Ship” is bio-mechanical. Therefore, it can be affected by a genetic virus. Though, what’s really going on is that Apocalypse has compromised the damn thing.

X-FACTOR faces their biggest threat in issue 66 - THEIR $%#!ING SHIP! 3

Featuring an All Star Marvel Cast

While X-Factor tries to stop their vessel from the inside, Ship is attacking the city it’s hovering over. Here employs some special cameos, drawn in Portacio’s style. Both The Avengers and Fantastic Four are trying to stop this havoc X-Factor has created. Captain America and Sersi represent the Avengers. It’s interesting that I read this just after the announcement that Sersi has joined the MCU. She’ll make her debut in Eternals, but it’s only a matter of time until she joins her true alma mater in a new installment of Kevin Feige’s mightiest heroes. And for the FF, their two most interesting members are thrown out there: Thing and Human Torch. Also joining them is She-Hulk.

Another sub-plot of the book is this mysterious woman who acts like she’s from the future. She has red hair and cyberpunk metal shards all over her face and arms. I thought maybe she was a version of Jean Grey’s clone, Madelyne Pryor. But as her mission is to save Cyk and Jean’s son, Nathan Christopher (an infant version of Cable), the cliffhanger at the end has her calling the baby her little brother. Rachel Summers, maybe? At one point, she saves lil’ Cable from, whom I’m assuming is Nightcrawler’s dad, Azazel.

X-FACTOR faces their biggest threat in issue 66 - THEIR $%#!ING SHIP! 4

Time Travellers because Why not!?

“Unhand him, Creature. Apocalypse will never claim him — not as a child, nor as a grown man. For now and always — the chosen will live free!”

And she shows Azazel the back of her fist. She could have used the big gun strapped to her, but whatever. So when X-Factor interferes, thinking Azazel and her are working together, the red demon teleporter takes off with the child.

This is another high-octane installment from the classic minds of Jim Lee, Claremont, and Portacio. I couldn’t ask for a better creative team. The only thing that prevents me from giving this a full six-pack of sodas is the confusion the dialog sometimes left me.

Like, what was up with Beast wishing Jean was still a telepath?

Did I miss something?

X-FACTOR faces their biggest threat in issue 66 - THEIR $%#!ING SHIP! 5

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