REVIEW: Terminal Punks #1 is the Punk Rock Refreshment You Need

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Terminal Punks #1

Terminal Punks is a fun adventure meets creature feature horror comic. It is written by Matthew Erman, art by Shelby Criswell, lettering by Micah Myers and with editing by Chris Sanchez. Terminal Punks #1 is published by Mad Cave Studios.

REVIEW: Terminal Punks #1 is the Punk Rock Refreshment You Need 1

About Terminal Punks #1

Terminal Punks #1 is an exciting and hilarious comic book that pays homage to 1980s/1990s Punk Rock as much as it does to Creature Feature Horror movies. Those unfamiliar with the earlier and the latter, will still find Terminal Punks to be a fun, angst ridden, ride of terror as 4 band mates try their very best to avoid being eaten by lords of the Jungle which have been experimented on.

While in transit to New York, four band mates from an as yet unnamed Punk Band, contemplate what the future may hold as what awaits them at their destination is a Battle of the Bands tournament and perhaps the biggest gig of their lives. Little do they know, there’s crates of genetically tested animals down below in the hold of the same flight they’re on.

Upon reaching their destination; Kee Avery, Sway, Burton B Burton and Dabby Wilde walk through the Airport Terminal unbeknownst that their fellow passengers are being consumed by the genetically engineered animals stalking them. Eventually, they discover what is happening and spend the remainder of the issue running for their lives.

Terminal Punks #1 Front Cover
Terminal Punks #1 Front Cover, courtesy of Mad Cave Studios

The Terminal Punks #1 Story

Terminal Punks #1 is an adorable homage to the classic tropes of Punk Rock as much as it is to the Creature Feature Horror stories of the 50s, 60s and 70s. The premise of Terminal Punks is an overly bloated billionaire has been experimenting on all sorts of exotic wildlife in his collection. This same wildlife is being transported to a new location on a plane that a band of misfit punks also happen to be travelling on.

Writer Matthew Erman has created a fun, heartwarming, impressive and adventurous tribute to everything you love about Punk Rock. The story itself revels in its guilt-free indulgence with references to the classic Punk Rock gods like the Misfits, Black Flag and even Fugazi to name a few. Terminal Punks takes you on a wild adventure from the perspective of struggling punk rockers to a group of Scooby Gang-esque kids just trying to survive the intense onslaught of exotic animals hungry to devour any human beings they can zero in on.

Matthew Erman’s writing is remarkable, fun and hilarious with how his characters face the imminent danger throughout the second half of the book (and react under threat). Terminal Punks feels like a Vic Bloom comic book written with a modern retrospective look at the Punk Rock genre. Exposed in all its uncontrollable glory and ridiculousness.

Terminal Punks Art

Artist Shelby Criswell’s style is a clean, refreshing and tantalizing interpretation of Matthew Erman’s script. Criswell’s style looks and feels like a YA Comic Book which is a great juxtaposition to the horror present in the First Issue and the Adult Language used between the Four Punk Rockers. The way in which Criswell approaches drawing a corpse or a severed head is so fun and charming. It almost makes you forget the danger presented by the carnivorous wildlife.

Despite all of this, I would draw your attention to the Ape-like creature who Criswell and Erman have presented as the Number One threat. A monster whose look and style bares a striking resemblance to the Monster in George A Romero’s Creepshow (1982). Thanks to Shelby Criswell we have a comic book that looks and feels more like a Hardy Boys Adventure story all “punked up” – and I love Criswell for this!

Terminal Punks #1 Conclusion

Terminal Punks #1 is a fun Adventure-style comic book with old school horror elements and fun Punk Rock motifs that make it an instant classic. Were I twenty years younger I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this review – I would be reading this comic book again and again to the aural assault of Minor Threat. Criswell and Erman are an important creative duo you really shouldn’t miss out on!

Terminal Punks #1 is available through Mad Cave Studios or your local comic book store.

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