Sunstone Vol. 6 – Mercy, Gets Steamy

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Sunstone Vol. 6 Review – What is Sunstone?

Im glad you asked. Full disclosure, I’ve been a fan and follower of Sunstone for years now. Ever since it was just a series of cool down drawings by the artist Stjepan Sejic over on DeviantArt. It evolved, over time, into a full blown comic in its own right which after a successful launch of its first volume spawned an additional 4 afterwards leading us here.

But the astute among you may realize I still havent said what is it. So, here it is: Sunstone is a BDSM themed graphic novel series about the romance between hobbyist dominatrix Alison and her partner/submissive/future wife (not really a spoiler) Lisa. The series is told as a flashback, as Lisa is a writer by trade, where they recount the ups and downs of their relationship from initial meeting to their first session of kink-play. Which, in order to really discuss it further, the question has to be asked.

Sunstone Vol. 6 - Mercy, Gets Steamy 1
Sunstone Vol. 6 - Mercy, Gets Steamy 2
Hold onto your shorts, its going to get steamy

What is BDSM?

BDSM stands for Bondage Domination Sadism Masochism, or Slave Master depending on who you talk to. And in Sunstone there’s plenty of it!

There is a public perception of it, no doubt enforced by its god-awful portrayal in the infamous 50 Shades series, where its all rope and pain and weird slave contracts. Which, if that is how you see it, might turn you off to reading this series. I can tell you, dear reader, with 100% accuracy….

Sunstone Vol. 6 - Mercy, Gets Steamy 3

….that that is not the case at all for this series.

While it does have the dressings of a BDSM themed romance, at its heart it is very much a comedy. Very, very, dorky comedy. But that is what makes the series so charming setting it so apart from others in its field. While it does deal with social stigmas, drama, what it means to be love with someone, its also just plain charming.

Sunstone Vol. 6 - Mercy, Gets Steamy 4

Where the Present Volume of Sunstone sits for Me

Now while the first 5 volumes of Sunstone were about Lisa and Alison’s relationship, Volume 6 is the start of the relationship between Alan and Anne. Both of whom are shown above (the male is Alan and the dark haired girl on the left in the strip is Anne). What you are seeing is them in the past showing how they grew up. Eventually, through Lisa and Alison’s relationship, the two of them are brought together which the journey is being shown here going forward.

Its a blast to read and for fans of BDSM fiction a delight to witness. I recommend anyone interested in the subject matter, or if you are already a fan, to give it a read and enjoy the ride with the rest of us. I promise you that it is very much worth the time.

Pick this trade from your local comic book store or directly through Top Cow comics.

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