A Few More Things About Arrowverse’s Crisis

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A Huge Crisis With Little Information

With a few days before the first episode of the Arrowverse’s take on Crisis on Infinite Earths, everyone involved in this epic television event has thus far kept a lot of information under wraps. Compared to the last look at what we knew about the multi-episode story, we’ve only gotten small bits of information since then whether about what happens in Crisis, especially with new trailers, or anything that occurred behind the scenes.

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The Lead Ups

Arrow and The Flash have ended both of their episodes before the event with red skies and lightning, the classic sign of DC crisis events. All while Batwoman and Supergirl have shown the same ending tag that the other two have done of Nash Wells opening a barrier possibly leading to the Monitor. With Black Lightning, as the show is filmed in Atlanta, it will have an episode in the middle of Crisis that will show how he eventually joins the other heroes.

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The Heroes Involved

While we know that Brandon Routh will return as Superman, the producers have confirmed that it’s the same version that Christopher Reeve played in the 1970s and ‘80s. And, not only is he wearing a Kingdom Come-inspired suit, Routh’s will have a similar backstory.

Routh isn’t the only one pulling double duty as John Wesley Shipp will be playing both the Jay Garrick Flash and his 90’s take on Barry Allen that appeared in last year’s Elseworlds crossover. Much like Routh, Kevin Conroy’s Batman will also take inspiration from the ‘90s story, as well as confirming this is Earth-1’s Bruce and Batwoman’s cousin. Although Conroy’s appearance may only be limited to the Batwoman episode. Another big Batman appearance will be from Burt Ward, who will be playing an older Robin but it’s unknown if it’s the ‘60s Adam West version or an entirely new take on the character.

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The Destruction and Aftermath

There’s a rumor that once the event finishes, all of the shows will have a big time jump. Many speculate that this is due to a new spinoff centering on Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman and Bitsie Tulloch’s Lois Lane as they take care of their son, who is a new born during Crisis but much older when the show comes out. Alongside this Superman-led spinoff is one for Arrow after it ends centering on Oliver’s kids in 2040.

Arrowverse co-creator and producer Marc Guggenheim has revealed that the third episode will have a significant cliffhanger. While cliffhangers are nothing new, what makes it so significant is that it will be in the last episode of 2019 before having to wait over a month before we get to the last two episodes. So whatever shocking moment we see, it will get in our head throughout Christmas and New Years. A fun fact, behind the scenes many of the cast and crew congratulated Routh for being able to play Superman again.

No matter how it plays out, and whoever is involved, Crisis on Infinite Earths will be unforgettable like the comic.

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