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Content Warning: Definitely NSFW

For a quick refresher on the Djinn series, I would recommend reading my previous review on the subject titled “Djinn Vol 1-2: Desire in the Eyes of History”.

It would help to add context to this review, though I would say the story is so different one could go in completely blind and miss nothing. Regardless, let’s get this review started.


We now proceed to make a Left Turn

Those that remember my previous review will recall a bit of what Djinn started out as. A harem mistress, favored to the Black Sultan, engaged with political machinations at his behalf. She guided the wife of a member of the British diplomatic team through the rites of the Harem. Which, as some might guess, caused a bit of a scandal. So much so that the guy, Lord Nelson, renounced his ties to the team just so he could “rescue” his wife.

This set off a chain of events that, in the end, brought the three characters (Lord and Lady Nelson with Jade, the harem favorite) into being in a relationship together. It also saw them taking off with the hidden treasure of the desert, which brings us to this volume.

DJINN VOL. 3 - Unleashes the Same Old Narrative 2
This wasn’t on the tour guide

After their escapade in Turkey, the happy couple took a trip to Africa for reasons unknown. Perhaps for fun, pleasure, or the novelty of the experience? Regardless, it didn’t end up being that way. Their vessel came under attack by the local natives that, through the volume, is shown in bits and pieces. To make a long story short, it can be seen in the next image what the natives were after.

DJINN VOL. 3 - Unleashes the Same Old Narrative 3
*insert Pirates of the Caribbean theme*

In the treasure chamber of the Black Sultan was a piece of jewelry, an earring specifically. Referred to as the “Black Pearl”, it can be seen here as part of a set for an African goddess. The natives, seeing it upon Jade’s ear, assumed she was in some way their goddess returned. So as any religious cult would do, they kidnapped her and put her through this trial of fire. The point being to awaken the goddess seen at that end here.

DJINN VOL. 3 - Unleashes the Same Old Narrative 4
That’s not creepy whatsoever

The Present chases the Past

While, narrative speaking , this is happening to Jade, what is happening with Kim? As the descendant of Jade, the entire previous volume was her trying to figure out her history. The why of this quest is never really explained in the previous arc, but here her motivations are much more straight forward.

DJINN VOL. 3 - Unleashes the Same Old Narrative 5
Money! Its a gas!

You read correctly reader. She is after the treasure of the Black Sultan now, seeing as it a sort of birthright or inheritance to her family. The trail being followed led her to Africa into a politically charged environment. I suppose it would be more accurate to say an “ideology battle”. For the cult of the past is very present in the, well, present while a crime warlord also shows a keen interest in what is happening.

The resulting volume is Kim’s quest to follow the path of her grandmother to find the treasure. While, once again, the more supernatural elements of the title is teased through certain sequences, there isn’t a real big payoff to it. Often its an excuse to see the main character naked in some fashion. Which, depending on the readership, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Its just, to this reviewer, overdone at this point.

Regardless, the end of volume 3 has a cliffhanger attached to it. Where, through all of her searching, she finally comes upon the body of her grandfather Lord Nelson. Buried, forgotten, and not meant to be disturbed, it nonetheless carried with it proof of everything Kim has been searching for.

DJINN VOL. 3 - Unleashes the Same Old Narrative 6
A picture is worth 1000 words.

Final Thoughts

Djinn volume 3 is a significant departure from its previous arc. I would say intentionally so, as there is only so much that can be done with the treasure being secured for Jade and her new family. It is, really, the only narrative thread connecting the two time periods at this point. Though I personally feel that the depiction of African Americans and their culture would rub some people the wrong way.

But at the end of the day I leave it up to you to decide. I myself found the new direction of the story to be uninteresting to say the least. Though I do admit, the change in direction made for an excellent musical reference for the title so that’s something!

You can pick up your copy of Djinn directly from Insight Comics, Comixology or your local comic book store.

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