Knights of the Golden Sun returns in Spectacular Glory with Issue 8

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Knights of the Golden Sun Returns

Knights of the Golden Sun, one of the flagship titles of Mad Cave Studios and with roots in Christian mythology, has returned for another bout of bible slinging supernatural.

Knights of the Golden Sun returns in Spectacular Glory with Issue 8 1

Earlier today, Mark London (of Mad Cave Studios), announced the return of more Knights of the Golden Sun with Issue 8 slated for release December 3rd 2020. Knights of the Golden Sun is a comic book series that is based around the lore and mythos of Archangels and their adversaries.

Knights of the Golden Sun #8 Synopsis is as follows:

In Knights of the Golden Sun – the Archangels are back! With Metatron on the run, and Lucifer nowhere to be found, the Archangels must scour the Earth for the pieces of God’s Armor in order to prevent them from bringing destruction upon the world the likes of which have only been hinted at through the annals of history!

Knights of the Golden Sun returns in Spectacular Glory with Issue 8
Knights of the Golden Sun Issue 8

What do we think?

Knights of the Golden Sun has in it the ingredients to go the distance. Knights of the Golden Sun taps into the classic Good vs Evil trope that the Christianity belief and religion is renowned for. Does Knights of the Golden Sun exploit the Christian religion? Probably. However, it does so in a way that creates vibrant characters and explores the depth of those characters on his/her own merit.

When comparing Mark London’s writing chops to other works like Honor and Curse, Midnight Task Force and Battlecats – he seems more at ease with this comic book series. From the preview pages provided above we can see a more vibrant Knights of the Golden Sun world come alive, thanks to the intricate art of Mauricio Villarreal. Which, in certain panels, feels more animated than it does a comic book.

What are the Creators saying?

Writer and creator Mark London had the following to comment about Knights of the Golden Sun returning:

“To be able to continue working on Knights of the Golden Sun is exhilarating.

“Not only because I can continue working on a story that we have set out to do from the beginning, but because I’m in love with these characters and I truly enjoy working with Mauricio. It’s  a story about the archangels and their struggles as a family. It’s about facing doomsday scenarios that are bigger than anything the world has ever seen. It’s going to be a wild ride… just like everything Mad Cave does.” 

While co-creator Mauricio Villarreal added:

“I’ve always loved being a part of this project because I love epic stories that take place in amazing worlds, and that is exactly what Knights of the Golden Sun is.

“In volume two, we are going to explore a much larger world filled with all sorts of fantastical creatures as well as even more historical figures than the last volume.” 

Engage with the Creators

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