REVIEW: Superman destroys Star Labs in Action Comics #1027

Superman destroys Star Labs in Action Comics #1027

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Action Comics #1027 Review

In Action Comics #1027, we see the aftermath of the House of Kent storyline which took place across the last few issues of Action Comics before ultimately ending with Action Comics #1026. In which Superman and Lois Lane both come to grips with their actions during the House of Kent.

REVIEW: Superman destroys Star Labs in Action Comics #1027 1

About Action Comics #1027

Action Comics #1027 is the Epilogue of The House of Kent storyline in which Superman and Lois Lane have a lot to deal with. There’s the pending legal action after Lois Lane ruined an FBI operation and then there’s the (sort of) quandary surrounding Star Labs. A quandary which he lets out in a daydream after Superman destroys Star Labs. Actions Comics #1027 is written by Brian Michael Bendis, pencilled by John Romita Jr, coloured by Brad Anderson and with lettering by Dave Sharpe.

Superman destroys Star Labs in Action Comics #1027

The Action Comics #1027 Story

Action Comics #1027 would be a confusing story for any unfamiliar Superman fans or Nerds who are revisiting the Superman pantheon. Despite this, Issue #1027 is a wonderful story that finalises the House of Kent story arc featuring antagonist Robinson Goode aka Red Cloud. Superman regulars will remember that Robinson Goode is an enforcer for the shadowy criminal organisation known as “Invisible Mafia.” A metamorph, Robinson Goode can transfer herself into a toxic red cloud (inventive name, Bendis!) that can envelop whole cities and poison the local population. Robinson Goode presented a massive threat to Metropolis and Superman’s team of Supermen.

The majority of this story follows the effects of Red Cloud’s attack upon Metropolis and repercussions that will be felt throughout the Action Comics storyline for issues (and perhaps years) to come. What’s interesting to note about Action Comics #1027 is the dealing with post traumatic stress on Superman’s side. We see a momentous panel where Superman destroys Star Labs, laying waste to the main headquarters and surrounding buildings. Although, soon followed up as a daydream in an adjacent panel, it questions the quandary of why keep Star Labs around when this organisation has caused so much pain in its creation of Metahumans!?

Fun little anecdotes include Brainiac 5 visiting this timeline to assist in the House of Kent events. Stylistically, bearing a remarkable resemblance to Jesse Rath’s Brainiac 5 in The CW’s Supergirl TV Show.

The Art

The Romita name is a hallmark in the annals of comics. It should be of no surprise that John Romita Jr’s signature style soars to new heights with this issue. Romita does an amazing job of character positioning in every panel. Where there’s one Superman, the challenge is to make them look and feel different enough so the casual reader can spot the difference of who’s talking now.

Meanwhile the colouring of Brad Anderson’s really makes Action Comics #1027 come alive. It looks and feels straight out of a Superman movie or Supergirl TV episode. I wouldn’t be surprised if the latter is intentional. Get a load of the colour palette where Superman destroys Star Labs. Thanks to Brad Anderson, the unrelenting savage destruction and brute force of Superman is a thing of beauty!


Action Comics #1027 may appear to fall flat to a brand new reader of Superman, so if that’s you, then avoid this Comic Book Issue at all costs. If it’s not you and you’ve been following along closely since Action Comics #1000 then the pages of this comic will tie up neatly an interesting story arc where every Superman character was pushed to their limits.

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