FRANK AT HOME ON THE FARM #1 & 2 – Horror Comic Review

Frank At Home On The Farm Explores Mystery and Isolation

There’s a mystery at the heart of this book , that finds our title character returning home after WW1 and discovering that there’s something very wrong at the old homestead.

People are missing, the towns folk are oblivious and the farm itself seems malevolent.

By issue two, Frank is having nightmares about the war, with hellish farm yard animals dressed in army uniforms, cannibalising his platoon. To make matters worse, despite his efforts, the animals seem to be able to wander freely around the farm whenever they want. An attack from a lone wolf, that mysteriously appears, brings the issue to a close, as Frank finally gets to confront one of the animals that looks set to shed a little light on the situation.

Horror Comic Book Frank at Home on the Farm #2 - image courtesy of Jordan Thomas

What do the creators do well?

Written by Jordan Thomas, Frank At Home On The Farm is an intriguing premise that is doing well at building a story in it’s own time. Thomas allows the tension to build, not giving anything away too quickly, allowing the reader time to think. His dialogue is nice and easy to read, with characters talking to each other instead of just spouting exposition.

Clark Bint has a quirky art style that fits the tone of Frank At Home on the Farm. Although, there are moments where it looks slightly stilted, some faces look odd , perhaps rushed, there are other panels where you can see through his meticulous line work, that he has enjoyed drawing those pieces.

His work seems inspired by Frank Quitely in places, but there is an inconsistency to the pages that you notice on further readings. All in all, the premise is what will keep you reading this book. An original setting and weird story gives this crowd funded comic book a lift above similar outings.

Fans of mystery and horror comic book stories will enjoy Frank at Home on the Farm as there’s a lot on offer here, so my advice would be to give this a go.

Frank At Home On The Farm is being distributed by Scout Comics later in 2021.

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