Doctor Aphra: Why Star Wars Fans Find Her Irresistible

Doctor Aphra is Irresistible

Star Wars is filled with Science Fantasy lore (both canon and non-canon) which provides neat little filler for the off-screen moments between the end of a Star Wars movie and the beginning of the next movie’s crawl.

Of all those Star Wars stories out there, Doctor Aphra is one of the most exciting, jaw-dropping and irresistible Comic Book based Star Wars stories that happens between two of the most hallowed Star Wars movies: Stars Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Doctor Aphra Star Wars
Doctor Aphra Issue 1, courtesy of Marvel Comics

What if Indiana Jones was set in Star Wars?

Doctor Aphra, starring the titular character Doctor Chelli Leona Aphra (or, Doctor Aphra, for short), takes the reader on bold new journeys amongst the Star Wars galactic frontier. Following on from the celebrated Star Wars: Vader comic book series, Doctor Aphra introduces the unfamiliar reader to the Rogue Archeologist and her (dis)trustful companions. Distrustful because her companions are none other than two “murderbots,” Triple Zero and Beetee-One, and borderline crazed Wookiee, Black Krrsantan.

While clearly being an allegory to a “what if Indiana Jones was set in Star Wars,” this comic book series takes the reader down the familiar paths that link the Star Wars movies together. There are dark and ominous moments in dealing with Darth Vader to the black comedy of Triple Zero and Beetee-One. In both looking and feeling like the Mirror universe versions of R2D2 and C-3PO. In fact, the murderous tendencies of both of them are cute in their own sadistic ways.

Doctor Aphra
Doctor Aphra, courtesy of Marvel Comics

Doctor Aphra stands on her Own Two Feet

Doctor Aphra, although surrounded by maniacal psychopaths, is a fantastic diversion into the sights mostly unseen by George Lucas’ Star Wars. As far as tone, delivery and reception goes this is a comic book series more akin to the Rogue One and Solo Films and The Mandalorian Disney+ series than its cinematic forebears. We go on side mission after side mission exploring the greyer areas of the Star Wars galaxy with Doctor Aphra as our guide.

A galaxy torn asunder by The Empire, leaving a diverse selection of Rogues and Scoundrels with the opportunity to strike out on their own. Make something for themselves. Learn to grow and adapt in a war trodden Galaxy where sometimes not even The Force is an ally. Sometimes its sheer wit and guile that are the most trustworthy proponents in the Star Wars galaxy.

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