DIANA: PRINCESS OF THE AMAZONS – Cute Adventure Story with Captivating Life Lessons

Diana, Princess of the Amazons - Front Cover, Soda and Telepaths

Diana: Princess of the Amazons is a captivating adventure about a young – and lonely – Amazon princess long before she becomes Wonder Woman.

Sometimes all you want is someone to hang out with, but when you’re the only child on an island full of warrior women, playmates are hard to come by. In Diana: Princess of the Amazons young Diana makes a wish for a friend and to her immense joy her wish comes true. However, she learns an important lesson about truth and consequences along the way.


Shannon and Dean Hale’s story will resonate with anyone who has ever wished an imaginary friend could come to life, or to anyone (myself included) who blamed mishaps on said imaginary friends. (My imaginary friend Squeaker the Mouse was small but mighty mischievous and I’m sticking to it!) At first Diana is overcome with joy at having a friend, but when her friend starts putting Diana into bad situations, the young princess knows that she has to do something. 

A Visually Stunning Story

The team of Victoria Ying and Lark Pien have created a visually stunning book full of bright colors and clean lines. It’s a beautifully drawn and colored book, and it will no doubt provide inspiration for young artists for years to come. While reading, I kept thinking about how pretty the book is, so much so that it would still tell a story if it was a picture book. 

Diana: Princess of the Amazons is yet another smash hit in the DC lineup of young reader graphic novels. The story is easy to follow and there are lessons and morals sprinkled throughout, but they complement the story without being overbearing. They’re the perfect way for parents to enjoy a Wonder Woman origin story with a young reader while also being perfectly entertaining for older readers.