Australian Comic Book ‘Killeroo: Scars’ Getting Remastered

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Australian Comic Book Going FULL COLOUR

In a recent press release, Australian Comic Book creator Darren Close announced he’s ‘remastering’ one of his early works, Killeroo: Scars. Giving it the full colour treatment.

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About Killeroo

Originally published back in 2014, Killeroo: Scars tells the origin story of a young Kangaroo Joey that is experimented on by a group of seedy scientists. This results in the creation of an anthropomorphised Kangaroo who stands for good and stands in the way of those who would cause him, his friends, and the outback harm.

Although, sporting a stunning Full Colour Cover, Killeroo: Scars was originally published in Black and White.

Australian Comic Book Killeroo Remastered

Remastering Killeroo

Close commented on his thought process with remastering one of his many Comic Book ‘Loves’ into Full Colour:

“SCARS has always been the best selling comic from my Killeroo line, Ryan Wilton’s art is generally all people need to see to pick it up. Almost a decade later, it’s amazing to see the transformation to glorious colour as each page gets delivered by the colourists at Beezzz Studios. I can’t wait to see the end result, and thanks to my great Kickstarter backers – It has become a viable process!

Australian Comic Book 'Killeroo: Scars' Getting Remastered 1

A Kickstarter Campaign is being run at the moment with the aim to fund this entire colouring project.
Click the button below for more information.

For now, please enjoy the below images!

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