GHOSTED IN LA #7 – Ghostly Bonds

GHOSTED IN LA #7 – Ghostly Bonds

Ghosted in LA Front Cover

Zola’s Problem

In the latest Ghosted in L.A., we see Zola’s life before she died as a world famous singer constantly touring from state to state. Her constant work and trying to spend time with her family and friends causes her to feel overworked and rely on drugs to help her sleep. Although we don’t see her death, one can assume that she may have overdosed on the drugs she was using, though whether it was an accident or on purpose is never revealed.


Back into the present, the ghost of the singer is having trouble controlling her powers but tells Ronnie that everything is fine and instead asks Shirley for help. Meanwhile, Daphne doesn’t notice that Michelle is hearing her conversations and starts to suspect her of something.

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School Life

The next day, Ronnie meets up with one of the members of the queer meetup that he had attended before and assures her that he will come back, just that his workload is keeping him from going. Ronnie meets with Daphne at the library, where she has been both studying and finding information about Rycroft as she want to learn more about the manor and the door in the basement.

Knowing full well how obsessive she can be, Ronnie tries to tell her to not constantly focus on it while arguing that her pre-med studies isn’t what she really wants and just wants to please her mother. The two initially get into an argument, until Daphne starts to wonder if Ronnie could be right.

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Ghosts and their Emotions

Back at Rycroft, Zola’s powers continue to be uncontrollable and Shirley isn’t sure what to do. Agi comes in and after talking to her about accepting and taking responsibilities of her choices Zola is able to control her abilities. All the while, the basement door starts to spew out energy.

When Daphne comes back from her classes, Agi announces a house meeting for everyone. As the ghosts gather, Ricky tries to convince Shirley that his brother should know about them as he feels lonely because of Daphne and Zola’s friendship. As Agi announces some changes over how she runs Rycroft, Shirley surprises everyone by announcing that she wants to move on and leave the manor.

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Masterful Writing and Art

After half a dozen issues, Ghosted in L.A. #7 is the first that finally uses its college studies setting as part of its story rather than just in the background. We see Daphne and Ronnie deal with the numerous classes they take and how that affects their personal lives, like hanging out with the ghosts or attending the queer meetup that helped Ronnie come out.

Up until now, Agi was always cold and distant, but thanks to Sina Grace’s writing we see a much more open and caring side when relating to Zola. While the flashbacks to Zola’s past life do a good job at making us understand and feel sorry for her. That one shot of the basement door spewing out energy was a surprising thing to see. If there is one flaw with the storytelling was the conversation that Ricky and Shirley were having at the end coming out of nowhere.

The combination of the artwork and coloring by Siobhan Keenan and Cathy Lee continues to be great, though one negative that continues from the past issues is that the background of many panels is just a colorful blank space. Though they make up for it through the detailed and colorful look of the library.

The seventh issue of Ghosted in L.A. keeps on proving why this series is worth a read and makes you yearn for more.

You can pick up Ghosted in L.A. #7 at Boom! Studios, Comixology, and your local comic book store.