TIME SCHMUCKS #1 – Drinking in Another Century

Time Schmucks #1, Page 1

A Light-Hearted Time Travel Story

Jack Fitzsimmons has done a stellar job in giving us a light-hearted, easily digestible start to a new parable in the annals of time travel lore. With jovial banter and the usual tropes of time travel being the swansong of what makes Time Schmucks so easy to power through.


Largely starring two protaganists, friends Johnny and Lisa. Johnny, the drunken lout reminds me of a younger version of myself (that tale is for another day) and Lisa the bartender and I’m assuming unwilling best friend at Johnny’s local bar. Who spends more time getting Johnny out of as much trouble as he gets her into.

Time Schmucks #1, Page 2

A Familiar Story with Time Travel thrown into the Mix

Kicking off with a dramatic breakup between Johnny and his girlfriend, we are soon introduced to the stereotypical nature of Johnny’s resolve. Loud, a drunk misfit and largely a failure in life. Sounds like most people in their 20s.

Johnny’s drunken stupors end him in a hotbed of trouble when his alcoholism leads to him breaking into an abandoned cellar to drink more beer. Class act. This results in Lisa coming to his rescue after she realises he left his keys in the bar only to result in both of them discovering a centuries old time machine. Because, y’know, shit happens when you’re drunk.

Time Schmucks #1, Page 3

A great casual read

It’s when they come out on the other side of the time travel via passout that the real fun starts to happen. As both Lisa and Johnny are exposed to endless barrage of sights and sounds in this alien century of old.

Tom Hoskinsson’s art is an easily accessible style that is highlighted by the stunning hues in Rebecca McConnell’s colouring. Combine this with the quick jabs and quips that Fitzsimmons throws at tiresome Pop Culture tropes and we’ve got a winner. Comic Book Beardiness won’t get in the way of newcomers enjoying this as a casual read.

Time Schmucks #1 will be running their Kickstarter campaign late March, 2020. Keep an eye out!