STARGAZER #1 – LSD and Dread in the 90s

Stargazer #1 Front Cover

Stargazer, Drugs or Flying Saucers?

The creative team over at Mad Cave Studios have outdone themselves this time. An indie comic book studio, that has carved a nice little niche, from releasing visually stunning comic books. But with books and series like that I’ve found something usually has to give. Whether it’s the story that outshines the art or vice versa. I’ve found no evidence of this or of any element outshining the other in STARGAZER #1.


STARGAZER #1 begins a story of trauma felt by a group of children who encounter what may or may not be a UFO while camping in the woods. What may be the origins of a flying saucer is quickly called into question when one of the children suffers an episode seemingly caused by LSD absorption. Adding to the dreaded paranoia felt by the parents in the town.

An Eerily Creepy Coming of Age Story

Writer Anthony Cleveland does a fantastic job in tapping into the Americana element of isolation that adds to the untold dread his characters fear and face in STARGAZER. From the fears in ignorance of drugs to the fears in the unknown. Cleveland understands the motivational nuances of his characters so well that in doing so, executes realistic dialogue in masterful strokes.

The combined elements of Artist, Antonio Fuso, and colourist, Stefano Simeone, creates an air of otherworldly spook. Capturing and personifying childhood fears during a time where pop culture mainstays like X-Files, UFOs and Unsolved Mysteries shaped the very fabric of human wonder and imagination.

STARGAZER #1 owes as much to John Carpenter as it does to the drug fuelled scribblings of Phillip K Dick. An ominous comic book that should’ve come with an ambient synth soundtrack to get you in the mood. One thing I can tell for certain – this comic book series is about to get weird.