The Old Guard (2020) - Review

The Old Guard (2020) – Review

So the Old Guard just popped into Netflix and… you know that you’re in for a good time when your roommates worry about your well being after every fight scene. this brings me back to classic action movies; with strong characters, great visuals and of course over the top violence.

The story involves a group of immortal fighters that travel the world dealing with people and organisations that they believe are unjust. When they accept a job to rescue some innocence children they realise that it was all a set-up. But now with a new immortal being discovered by the group they have to get to her before before the pharmaceutical tycoon Steven Merrick can get them all. Now to keep their secret the group must find those who set them up and silence them before they get found or worst, captured.

After watching this movie again (and again and again). I just had to find out everything about this film. And was happy to find that this was an adaptation of a visual novel, thus I am now convinced that any and all movies that are derived from comics or visual novels are just pure gold mines. I mean Scott pilgrim vs the world, The boys, the marvel Cinematic universe. i mean the list just goes on. The movie is also refreshing, having a bad-ass leader played by the amazing Charlize Theron who was in the Atomic Blonde and an Great cast consisting of Matthias Schoenaerts, Marwan Kenzari to flesh out the world inside the movie.

The Old Guard (2020) - Review

While the visuals and cinematography were cracked to 11 the story itself was just average. The plot itself is a standard action plot, Group A in plot C/32 have to fight evil operation b-4 to stop plan alpha 6. It was just as plain as white bread, what really made this movie was the the action. How Gina Prince-Bythewood directed the scenes and choreography were superb. It hit that spot only real good action movies can give you; something that can make you giggle like a schoolgirl just by sheer awesomeness of the scenes.

There was also a few inconsistencies in the movie, nothing that was a deal breaker but things that just still bugged me. Like the main “twist” was more a slight curve on a straight road it wasn’t even a surprise when it happened.

The only problem i have is with the way the movie ends. I’ve never been a huge fan of any media suggesting sequels. It disappoints me when the second movie doesn’t get green lit or when the movie does and it just flops. While the action was off the walls insane, the story was just average. Regardless I would recommend The Old Guard, its just 2 hours amazing fun.

What are you doing? Go. Hit that Netflix button and watch this.