PROJECT SHADOW BREED #1 – Answers What If Sam Raimi’s Darkman was Part Werewolf

Shadow Breed #1, Front Cover

Project Shadow Breed kicks off to a Flying Start

Upcoming comic book label Amazing Action Comics kicks off to a flying start with black and white vigilante driven issue, Project Shadow Breed. Taking cues from clear Americana superhero influences. Issue #1 of Project Shadow Breed is a fine example what the young comic book company is capable of.


Project Shadow Breed #1 is the result of a futuristic world meets supernatural experimentation. With its tone and setting as dark and gritty as the illustration staring us right back in the face.

Key protagonist Marrok plays out as a dark menacing vigilante superhero. Through the mannerisms that Justin Bartz and Stefani Magicianshouse have programmed in to the character motivations akin to early 20th century masked crusaders. See The Shadow or later in the guise of Sam Raimi’s Darkman.

Shadow Breed #1, 2nd Page Example

Reminiscent of Raimi’s Darkman

This is a character that will walk it alone and face unseen dangers head on. Despite the repeated offer of help from his sidekick, the Old Man. Much to his own detriment when his life is almost ended abruptly later in the issue.

Oh sorry. Did I spoil it for you?

Bartz’ writing delves into the corporation rules and the absolute corruption corrupts absolutely ethos. Heres a futuristic world where the control is dictated by the very pigs that hold the faux-paramilitary power.

A military organisation that seeks out power by turning soldiers into werewolves in an aborted attempt at science meeting the paranormal. Though we don’t see this in the issue and this is my biggest gripe. Setting up the reader with an expectation that is never fulfilled. All we can do is run with the assumption that Marrok is at least part werewolf?

Shadow Breed #1, 3rd Page Example

Interesting, albeit a little Confusing

I’m sure all will be explained in later issues but the info-blurb at the start of the comic does little to entire the reader or form some sort of relevant that adds value to the rest of the book.

Artistically Project Shadow Breed shines in the crowded indie comic book room of its peers. The shading and highlighting brings out a certain air of unease. Perfect for a superhero meets paranormal meets science fiction book. Though the contorting of the hands and fingers leaves a lot to be desired.

I would have preferred a longer issue that spends less time using up panel real estate. More time establishing Marrok as a force to be reckoned with. Why he is a force to be reckoned with.

Ultimately this comic book is a decent enough release that demonstrates the creative chops of both writers, illustrators and letterers. Project Shadow Breed #1 has the potential to capture readers who are in desperate need for the creature that goes bump in the night to star as their next superhero.

Pick this up direct from the Amazing Action Comics web store.