Scout Comics CEO Announces new Superhero comic by Teenage Creator

Scout Comics CEO Announces new Superhero comic by Teenage Creator

Scout Comics CEO announces new series ‘Soulstream’

Earlier today, Scout Comics CEO Brendan Deneen announced a brand new superhero comic by teenage creator, Saida Wolf.

In a recent press release, Deneen confessed to always looking for that next big hit not only as the operator of a Comic Book company but also in something to fall in love with. Much like the way Marvel and DC Comics made him fall in love with the medium back in the 80s as a kid.

Deneen celebrated this upcoming series, Soulstream, as fresh and original. While also “stylistic and cool” has left a lasting impression on him.

He went on to say:

Even when we pass on projects, I’m always impressed with the time and care creators put into their work. Even further, though, it’s not often that I’m genuinely surprised by a submission. But when it DOES happen, it’s a pretty great feeling.  

Case in point.  SOULSTREAM by Saida Woolf.  It’s a superhero comic book with a female protagonist.  It’s stylized and cool.  It feels fresh and original.

Oh, and it was written and drawn by a fifteen year old.
That’s no typo.  Saida is a high school student with talent to spare.  On top of being a… you know.. full time student, she also creates comics and came in first place in her 7th grade science fair, beating over 700 other entrants.

Soulstream will follow characters Marie and Markus who discover an alternate dimension known as the Mirror World where their entire city has been destroyed and replaced by a volcanic wasteland. Marie is contacted by the Mage Goddess who gives her a magical Ocean Bracelet that transforms Marie, allowing her to control water as the superhero Soulstream in order to help save it.

While a release date hasn’t followed this announcement, Scout Comics has announced Soulstream merchandise to accompany this Comic Book project.

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