VOLTRON (2016) – Season 5 Spoiler Free

The Five Paladins Of Voltron

Voltron Season 5 Takes A Sidestep To The Predictable Formula

The fifth season of Voltron : Legendary Defender dropped earlier this week to Netflix’s millions of users. Carrying on the legacy of an ageless anime from the late 80s.

Voltron : Legendary Defender, a reboot that should’ve failed in this volatile TV climate, has long surpassed its predecessor and scored a legion of loyal fans in the process.


Fans will be happy to note that the fifth season picks up almost immediately where Season Four left off. Voltron Season 5 takes a sidestep to the predictable formula of the Five Paladins versus Zarkon and the unstoppable Gulra Empire. A formula that this show has become achingly known for.

Season 5 is Voltron maturing and finally coming of age. Political upheaval strikes at the very heart of this season, with the Gulra empire fragmenting, and rival factions trying to seize power. There is a consistent underlying motif of mistrust in contrast to the friendships evolving between the Paladins and their allies. Specifically, the theme of family is ever present.

The mysterious quintessence element is explored further as is the true source of its power. How does it link in the overall grand scheme of the Voltron/Gulra Empire storyline and what the hell is with that mysterious dimension is explored. Zarkon returns to this season as the best version of Darth Vader that the Voltron creators could possibly muster. But not as the big bad. No. The big bad of season 5 is closer than you think.

Rife with endless players, relationship sub plots and political innuendo that’ll send you crazy

As usual, Voltron plays out like the sci fi anime version of Game of Thrones. Or, more accurately, if the writers of Battlestar Galactica got drunk with the Game of Thrones Director and created an anime. Voltron is rife with endless players, relationship sub plots and political innuendo that will send you crazy. But with each newly released season, the viewer gets less and less episodes. A definite letdown when all I want to find out is what the hell happened to Keith?

Voltron is no longer a show for the young. It’s as adult as those who remember watching the original. It’s a sci fi epic that belongs to the animated world when all the CGI in the universe wouldn’t be enough to honour the tale of Voltron and it’s five paladins.