Ghosted in LA #6 – A Well Written Filler

Ghosted in LA #6 – A Well Written Filler

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Secret of the Grave

The best way to describe the sixth issue of Ghosted in L.A. is that it feels a bit like a filler episode, but one that’s still well written. #6 starts out a few years ago, focusing on Ricky as he contemplates asking out a friend he finds amazing. Risky is too shy to ask her out at first, until his other friends convince him to. He does try to ask her before someone else already does it.


All the while, a short time since the last comic’s ending, Daphne and Zola have formed a strong bond due to their love of music and wanting to know about the door in the basement. When Shirley appears, she tells Daphne that the grave she visited was her son’s who died after learning Shirley was a ghost. Agi felt guilty due to being the one to bring him to Rycroft and made the rules because of it.

As Daphne leaves for her classes, Zola asks Agi why some of the ghosts end up in Rycroft and about the door. Agi, instead, gives vague answers before ignoring her and leaving. Trying to follow her, Zola is surprised by Shirley’s ability to create illusions and learns that all ghosts have their own abilities and wants to know what she can do.

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The Reunion

After finishing her classes for the day, Daphne reunites with Kristi. Kristi wonders where Daphne is staying, though she’s vague about it and tries to distract her by taking her to some places in the area. Since she’ll only be around for two days, they decide to attend a live recording of one of their favorite podcasts. Before that, Daphne goes back to Rycroft to pick up some stuff and learns that Zola can create artwork from ectoplasm.

After the show, Daphne tries to keep Kristi from going to Rycroft as she either wants to stay with her or walk together back there. When Kristi is insistent on it and keeps asking why she’s so secretive, Daphne goes off on her due to feeling suffocated by her. Daphne describes Kristi as too demanding and always wanting to know about how she feels. With her feelings broken, Kristi leaves to stay with some family as she feels abandoned by Daphne.

Feeling horrible, Daphne goes back to her dorm and calls Ronnie to tell him that she understands what he went through when they broke up due to not immediately explaining why. As she talks about the ghosts, Michelle overhears from outside the dorm. Asking Ronnie to check up on Zola, we see that something is happening to her and the ectoplasm.

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Filler Worth Reading

While I did say that this issue feels more like filler, Sina Grace’s writing is still strong and the artwork by Siobhan Keenan is still as fresh as ever. It’s definitely better than the third issue but not as strong as the others. The best thing that this issue has is that it best exemplifies the relationships between the characters.

Daphne’s time with the ghosts have changed both her and the inhabitants of Rycroft. While not outright, Daphne has had some small changes since the series began, such as being more outwardly and learning to defend herself. Even if the breakup between Daphne and Kristi feels a little forced, the fact that Daphne realizes how similar to when Ronnie had his secrets is genius.

Ghosted in L.A. #6 may be the first issue that feels like filler, but the relationships it focuses on are just so beautifully done that you don’t really mind.