GHOSTED IN LA #5 – The Trauma of Ghosts

GHOSTED IN LA #5 – The Trauma of Ghosts

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Kristi’s Perspective

Continuing to add another layer of mystery, Ghosted in L.A. #5 has a good mixture of drama and fun. Unlike previous issues focusing the beginning on one of the ghost’s past lives, this time we see Kristi right after her and Daphne’s fight from the first issue. Even if she is still angry at Daphne for going to California, Kristi admits that it may have been her fault for overreacting. Though her mother points out how dramatic Daphne can be, she defends their friendship and that one day it’ll all work out.


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Balance of School and Spirits

In the present, Daphne is annoyed at the large amount of work she’s assigned from her classes. When Shirley, one of the ghosts, shows up, Daphne asks her about the grave Agi had her visit. Shirley reveals that it was someone close to Agi that she once tried to help. Sending her to visit the grave was the best way Agi could pay her respects.

Shirley asks Daphne to help Zola deal with the fact that she’s a ghost since she is a fan of hers and maybe that could help Zola cope. Daphne reluctantly accepts but Zola just sulks and floats away.

At the same time, Kristi shows up at Daphne’s dorm and meets Michelle. Only finding Daphne’s phone, Michelle thinks she’s with Ronnie. Right before Kristi shows up at Ronnie’s room, he and Bernard hang out and try to learn more about each other. Asking Ronnie where Daphne is, he doesn’t know and reveals that he only tolerated her since he and Daphne dated.

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The Ghost and her Fan

Back in her room at Rycroft, Daphne is visited by Zola who is ready to talk to her about what’s happened. She’s depressed because she can no longer play her music or go anywhere else. Daphne shows her around the Manor, and even gets to areas she hadn’t been in.

Visiting the basement for the first time, Zola reveals that she may have killed herself but isn’t too sure due to a hazy memory. The two find a guitar and Zola teaches Daphne how play, bonding with it. Noticing a picture of a man with the same name as the grave she visited, Daphne believes that this was Shirley’s son and wonders what exactly happened. Daphne and Zola hide when they overhear Agi and Shirley entering the basement.

Shirley wonders what exactly happened to Maurice and whether there could have been more to help him, though Agi assures her that Maurice would have never found peace no matter what. As Daphne and Zola hide from and overhear Agi and Shirley, the two find an old fashioned door that not even Zola can pass through.

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Ghost Reaction

The fifth issue of Ghosted in L.A. deals with such serious issues, but isn’t afraid to still have some fun. With Zola, we see how having recently died and turned into a ghost can be such tough thing to go through. The depression she experiences is handled really well and doesn’t just go away by the end.

As the series continues and answers a few questions, even more pop up that keeps you interested. Sina Grace’s writing does a perfect job at balancing these dramatic moments well with some of the comedy, best exemplified by Kristi’s personality. Unlike Daphne’s very quiet and shy personality, Kristi is more open and talkative. As with the previous issues, the artwork by Siobhan Keenan is still good and well detailed.

With well written characters and a mystery door that ghosts can’t even pass through, Ghosted in L.A. #5 keeps hooking you in and never lets you go.

You can pick up a copy of Ghosted in L.A. #5 at Boom! Studios, Comixology, and your local comic book store.