Ghosted in L.A. #2 continues its Cute College of the Afterlife

Ghosted in L.A. #2 continues its Cute College of the Afterlife

Ghosted in L.A. #2 continues its Cute College of the Afterlife 2

Ghosted Folks grow used to their Surrounding

The second issue of Ghosted in L.A. starts out with a small flashback looking at the nearly finished development of Rycroft Manor. With Agi, one of the ghosts in present day, supervising its completion. While not outright saying what year this takes place in, it’s hinted at through Agi’s conversation with her assistant that this takes place somewhere in the late 1920s to the 30s as she mentions that her career as an actress ended once movies implemented sound and calls them “talkies”.

In the present, Daphne has been staying at Rycroft for some time, keeping some of her belongings in one of the rooms, and having been used to befriending the ghosts that are there. Besides the favors she does for them, whenever Daphne has a question for the ghosts they in turn ask stuff about her. Agi reveals that she’s the only one of them that actually died in Rycroft while the rest just showed up. Only one of the ghosts, Maurice, is able to go out farther than the rest and thus knows all about modern technology and fills the rest of the group in.

From Cafeteria to Teen Chaos

Back at the campus’ cafeteria, Daphne gets hit on by one of the students but brushes him off due to the guy’s snobby behavior. When she sees Ronnie hitting it off with another girl, Daphne agrees to go on a date with the guy who was flirting with her before, Brint, so as to distract her from Ronnie.

As she prepares for her date in Rycroft, Daphne asks Ricky, the most recently deceased of the ghosts, what there is to do in the city. Ricky shows her the room he used to stay in which has a collection of records from indie bands. Through their conversation, Daphne learns that each of the ghosts posses their own abilities, such as Agi being able to posses people and Ricky disrupting technology. Looking through the records, she finds one from a band that is playing that very night nearby and thus decides to go on her date there. Daphne promises to bring back a new record from that same band for Ricky’s collection.

When the two do go see the band, Brint acts rude and snobbish, treating everyone with disrespect. Due to his behavior nearly causing a fight, both are kicked out in the middle of it by security. Already annoyed by Brint’s attitude, Daphne is disgusted when all Brint can think about is sex. Wanting to set him straight, Daphne takes him back to Rycroft where the ghosts surprise him and goes off, running scared.

Daphne accepts if the ghosts want her to leave due to bringing someone else into their home, especially since she agrees that she let her jealousy of Ronnie cloud her judgment. Agi assures her that she understands and has gone through the same things Daphne is facing. In the end, after Daphne agrees to do Agi a favor the next day as a form of apology, she runs into Ronnie at the entrance who looked for her due to the texts she sent about the date worrying him.

Grace and Keenan are as Consistent as Ever

The team of Sina Grace and Siobhan Keenan continues to work well. Specifically, the writing from Grace is just as good as the first issue, especially with how the ghosts are written to show their different personalities. Daphne continues to be relatable by doing something stupid, not sure if it was right, then completely regretting once it blows up in her face, and learning to be better. One part I really love is that there’s a bit of mystery going on with the ghosts as they hope Daphne doesn’t ask them one specific question.

Much like the previous issue, the palette of the first few pages are done with a slight different style and less colorful than the rest of the comic. This time it makes more sense for it to happen here as it takes place several decades earlier.

Keenan’s artwork is about the same, though Daphne’s design has some slight alterations from her first appearance. What exactly is different about her is hard to tell, it just has a different feel but overall is still good. Two great moments that stand out are when the ghosts scare the hell out of Brint and the cliffhanger ending of Ronnie at the gates of Rycroft.

Ghosted in L.A. #2 continues its Cute College of the Afterlife 9

One complaint I have is the arrangement of the panels in the beginning. It confuses the reader over who’s talking about what. Despite this little flaw, Ghosted in L.A. #2 continues to bring interest in this new series. Giving us a flawed but lovable protagonist and a little air of mystery will make people want more.

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How did we rate Ghosted in L.A. #2? 6 Sodas.
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