[REVIEW] Fraggle Rock #2: Jim Henson’s Glorious Purpose

Fraggle Rock

Fraggle Rock #2 Perfect For Your Young Kids

This comic is for anyone who’s a fan of Jim Henson, and/or those with fond memories of the old show. I happen to be of both fraternities. But it’s also good for getting your kids into comics. Even if you don’t have kids, you’ll feel like one with how fun this is.

Just like each episode of the show, this book gives a moral without crossing the line of preaching. When Henson created Fraggle Rock, he wanted to do something that would stop war. Therefore, he started with the next generation.

In each installment, Gobo would receive a postcard from his uncle. He would have to go through the human’s workshop, and sneak past his dog, or “furry monster.” Every postcard would be an installment from Traveling Matt’s adventure through the human world. Of course, they would be from his Fraggle point-of-view. In other words, a little askewed. While reading this, I couldn’t help but hear this in Matt’s mustachioed-voice.

For this story, Matt comes across a “unique tribe of silly creatures” that are half the size of the full grown ones. He gets smacked, and called a name. Matt wasn’t too fond of this treatment, and sure didn’t like to be called “It.” What made things worse was when the “creatures” ran away and avoided him. It wasn’t until another child explained to him, that he learned this was a game called “Tag.”

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Meanwhile, the Fraggles are preparing for their annual “Splish-Splash Friend Bash.” This is their chance to meet new Fraggles. Of course, it’s also a chance to introduce new characters that weren’t previously on the show. To go in line with Traveling Matt’s postcard, a gang of bullies are among the guest list. I could only imagine what these would look like as Muppets. Especially the one called Fraggis, with a large belly and a bushy red beard to match.

Though they may be identified as bullies, this gang fails miserably at it. Except, perhaps thwarting the lovable Doozers. These little green guys, whom recently had their own spin-off show, don’t wear hard hats for nothing. Their job is to build constructions for the Fraggles to eat; all part of the wonderful ecosystem Henson created. However, this gang just digs under their newest construction to completely avoid. These Fraggles are only interested in eating flowers. The Doozers loose their minds. “They didn’t even nibble!” – “Our purpose! What of our glorious purpose!”

[REVIEW] Fraggle Rock #2: Jim Henson's Glorious Purpose 1

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