[REVIEW] Elemental Balance #1 Tips the Scales

Elemental Balance, Powers, Kenya, 90s, Superpower, Comic
Elemental Balance #1 – Cover Art

Elemental Balance #1 captures Interest

It’s difficult to get me excited about stories centered around heroes with powers over the elements. It’s been done a million times, but all it takes is a really good good story to make it compelling. Elemental Balance does a good job of capturing my interest.

The book begins with a disaster befalling a cruise liner with including a narration describing the formation of the Earth. We’re introduced to our main character, Chloe, who has a heavy interest in the elements, conservation of energy and whether or not energy can take physical form. Be it used by a person, implying there’s more to her interest than meets the eye.

Elemental Balance, Powers, Kenya, 90s,, Comic
Elemental Balance #1 – Page 7

Art brings out 90s Nostalgia

Chloe has a nightmare of a mudslide in Kenya. Upon hearing about it in the news the day after, she decides to leave her boyfriend and head to the country for answers. She meets a survivor and, after police try to arrest him for possibly being a monster, reveals that she has control over water and the two make an escape utilizing his newfound Earth powers.

The book is reminiscent of stories from the late 90s. With relatively simple set up that drops you into the high action. There’s great use of heavy line work for the characters and amazingly detailed backgrounds, which I found to be the highlights of the book.

However, Elemental Balance suffers from the dialogue coming off as too technical or wordy. Understandably, this isn’t a great problem as the scene that this happens in is meant for Chloe to gain a better scientific understanding of how her powers could work. The down side comes in when the dialogue becomes far too wordy and easy to glaze over, but some people like that sort of detail, so I can’t judge too harshly.

Elemental Balance is still relatively new and while I haven’t read past issue one, I’m certain the story has only gotten better. If this first issue is any indication of what the quality of the book could become then it is without a doubt worth taking a peek at. As long as the dialogue remains tight and concise and the art maintains being fantastic then this series will be a smash hit. Available via Inzane Comics.

How did we rate Elemental Balance #1?4 Sodas
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