Quentin Tarantino Rumored for Next Star Trek

Quentin Tarantino Rumored for Next Star Trek

Quentin Tarantino Rumored for Next Star Trek

With Once Upon a Time in Hollywood about to be released, Quentin Tarantino has made nine films [including both Kill Bills as one].

Tarantino, despite having done a small number of films since 1992’s Reservoir Dogs, is renowned the world over for his work due to the stylish dialogue, great storytelling, great attention to detail, and powerful performances from the actors involved.

Over the years, Quentin has said that he would only make at least ten films so as to make movies that people would easily identify as his own work, what with large stretches of dialogue and over the top bloody violence, and that if ever directed more it would be years later and done much differently.

So with such a legendary filmmaker having one more go under his belt, huge speculations about what that last film will be have already surfaced. With westerns, heist, and exploitation horror already done, his possible next film isn’t just science fiction but also the next Star Trek film.

What’s a Quentin Tarantino Star Trek look like?

While no one is sure yet what Tarantino’s Trek film will be about, we do know that there were plans for a fourth entry in the reboot series. In it Captain Kirk meets his father due to time travel and would have Chris Hemsworth reprise his role as George Kirk. This has been postponed mainly due to pay disputes between Hemsworth and Chris Pine. It hasn’t been stated whether or not the acclaimed director’s entry will involve the reboot Enterprise crew or entirely new characters and cast.

What makes this particular directorial effort so unique and surprising is that Quentin has never worked on an already existing franchise and always created his own material. That and the fact that if he does it in the same way as before, the new Trek will have an R rating no doubt from the profanity and bloody violence we all expect from him. While this choice may seem odd, many feel that this could be refreshing in seeing a well known franchise go through a daring and bold direction that many are afraid to do.

The Trekkie fanbase is split down the middle. On one side there are those who think the rating is just to get the cast to curse every few seconds. On the other side; those that believe that Tarantino wants to show a very violent side to space exploration that Star Trek has only explored a few times.

Original Captain Kirk William Shatner and reboot cast members Karl Urban and Zachary Quinto all have showed support for Tarantino and the unique vision he will give. Whether or not he does plan on directing a Star Trek and make it far different, let’s remember that nothing is official just yet.