Podcaster Paul Scheer on Comic Book Project

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Paul Scheer and Nick Giovanetti working on Comic Book

Comedian, Actor and Podcaster Paul Scheer (How Did This Get Made Podcast, Star Trek: Lower Decks) has announced earlier today that he’s teamed up with writer Nick Giovanetti (Spiderman/Deadpool) and artist Manuel Bracchi (Higher Earth) – to release Aliens Vs Parker comic book, exclusively on the Macroverse App.

Paul Scheer and Nick Giovanetti have a long standing relationship, both as writing partners and comic book fans, which includes work to date in the realm of Marvel’s Ant-Man and Ghost Rider. Having originally conceived of Aliens Vs Parker way back when as their entry into comics, Aliens Vs Parker will now be available as an exclusive “Creator’s Cut” direct to the immersive Macroverse Comic Book App. Expect lots of laughs, tongue-in-cheek humour, adult themes and panel to panel over the top fun!

Podcaster Paul Scheer on Comic Book Project

Whats Aliens Vs Parker About?

SYNOPSIS: Set in the not-so-distant future, the story follows a group of deep space slacker delivery guys spending their days doing what they always do: getting sent all over the universe to mindlessly load and unload cargo bays. In the hierarchy of cool space jobs, these guys are on the bottom rung.

Their only relief is playing WARFIGHTER, a massive multiplayer online game, against punk kids from back home and seeing if there’s anything good to eat in the mess hall. That is, until they have to deliver a package marked “classified” to a planet more dangerous than they’ve ever faced before. The rag-tag team of slackers, malcontents, and gamers are then forced to put all their skills (or lack thereof) to good use simply to stay alive.

Podcaster Paul Scheer on Comic Book Project 1

Scheer had the following to comment about this release:

“Coming up with AVP was the first time Nick and I attempted writing comics. It was an amazing experience, but we’ve both grown so much since. This was a great way to go back and polish the things that bugged us and also give people a completely new way to experience this story. As a comics fan, the Macroverse app really gets me excited to bridge that gap between comics and film.”

“I guess I’m having my George Lucas moment, as someone who’s always railed against special editions, I think our ‘Creator’s Cut’ is actually very different. This isn’t changing the art, the story, or adding panels; this is allowing the story to be read in a brand-new way. I think of it as a companion piece to the original book that lets you experience it the way we always intended it to be read and seen.”

While Macroverse Co-Founder Eben Matthews had the following to say:

“We’re honored and excited to have Scheer and Giovannetti bring their comedic and creative brilliance to our platform. Our format lends itself particularly well to comedic material in that you can really set up and pay off jokes in a unique way. Readers are in store for an entirely new experience of Aliens Vs. Parker, and we’re thrilled to help bring this to life.”

Fans of the original Aliens Vs Parker will note that the original paperbark was released by BOOM! Studios back in 2014.

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