North Bend #5 Review

North Bend #5 Review

North Bend #5 Review

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About North Bend #5

North Bend #5 is written by Ryan Ellsworth, pencilling by Pablo De Bonis, colouring by Paul Little and lettering by Thomas Mauer. With editing by Andrea Lorenzo Mollinari. 

SYNOPSIS: Annie comes back into the CIA fold, ramping up the “chemical weapons” aspect of the MK Ultra project. Meanwhile, Leon proves to be a valuable asset to Brendan after he’s given the chance to work directly with Lamar Olivier, leader of the Crusaders. Brendan gets closer to being exposed after Jamie’s investigation leads her to a victim of his drug testing. Finally, Brendan delivers Annie’s weapon to an unsuspecting public with devastating results – and gets a taste of his own medicine.

North Bend #5 is published by Scout Comics.

North Bend #5 Review 

If you’re new to Ryan Ellsworth’s North Bend comic series then be prepared to enter a world of CIA agents, chemical testing and all the wrong things you’d expect from a comic series centred around the CIA. 

North Bend #5 follows CIA agent Brendan initially at a psychiatrist’s office claiming he has been experimented on by the CIA. What happens next is a scene where chemical testing is being done a new sort of grenade they plan on testing in a riot situation. What follows is Brendan taking part in the riot squad and using one of the grenades on the public. Shocked by what he sees it quickly becomes apparent that he’s being used by the CIA in the overarching story. 

North Bend #5 Review 4

North Bend #5 is a dialogue heavy comic book where you wont envy the task of Ellsworth’s script in each issue. It reads as a story coming from someone who is passionate about CIA conspiracy and CIA cop shows. The characters are easily dislikeable which lends to the CIA corruption and conspiracy flavour.

Pablo De Bonnis’ artwork is appropriate for the subject material. His line work is clean and several sequences feel like they’re ripped right from the pages of The Shield. Paul Little’s adds the necessary touch to breath life into the issue. With a palette that matches the cop drama genre stylings. 

North Bend #5 will make you think twice about where the CIA gets all its power from and if these agents are really out to serve and protect. 

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Thomas Mauer- Twitter | Website

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