Greg Tumbarello is Valiant Entertainment’s Newest Editor

Greg Tumbarello is Valiant's Newest Editor

Greg Tumbarello is Valiant’s Newest Editor

Greg Tumbarello is Valiant Entertainment’s newest editor. He will join their fold in developing new properties along with their current franchises.

In a press releases, Senior Editorial Director, Robert Meyers welcomed Tumbarello to the Valiant team.

“I’m thrilled to have Greg join the Valiant family. Greg has a keen mind for storytelling, and a wealth of experience in the comics and entertainment industries. As we gear up for #Valiant2020, Greg will be a key part of our growing success.”

Tumbarello’s resume includes some heavy-hitters. Of the long list are MTV Networks, Disco Fries Music/Liftoff Recordings, Image Comics, The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Tokyopop, Marvel Entertainment, and DC Entertainment.

He also cofounded Legendary Entertainment’s comic book division alongside Bob Schreck. Tumbarello is responsible for graphic novels, Godzilla: Awakening and Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero. He also helped with Grant Morrison’s Annihilator and Frank Miller’s Holy Terror. But after seven years serving as editor for Legendary, he’s moved on to Valiant.

Upon accepting his new position, Tumbarello said,

“Growing up as a comics reader in the ’90s, I remember the excitement that surrounded the birth of the Valiant Universe. Through Valiant I found some of my favorite writers and artists in the comic book industry. I look forward to continuing the tradition of guiding new and established talent to create unique and exciting stories in the Valiant Universe for years to come.”

Greg Tumbarello is Valiant Entertainment's Newest Editor 3

The press release also states that he plans on bringing in new creators to the world of Valiant.

Greg Tumbarello will be at New York ComiCon this year, which will take place from October 3rd to October 6th. And you can enjoy his work as he will help produce the pages of XO Manowar, Bloodshot, Shadowman, and many others.