New Comics from BOOM! Studios and Mad Cave Studios

New Comics from BOOM! Studios and Mad Cave Studios

TGIT! Thank god it’s Tuesday. Said no one ever.

It’s a new day, we’re smack bang in the middle of a new week and there’s some some new comic books on the horizon to announce. One from BOOM! Studios which I’m particularly excited about. While two other comics from Mad Cave Studios are long overdue (thanks to that son of a bitch, Covid-19).

Strap yourselves in!

New Comics from BOOM! Studios and Mad Cave Studios

Mighty Morphin #1

A new Mighty Morphin team has assembled to take on the deadliest threats to Earth – but who is the All New Green Ranger by their side?

The new Mighty Morphin team is on a collision course with an even deadlier Lord Zedd, who has a new mission and a new motivation – one that will change everything you thought you knew about our heroes! But even if the Mighty Morphin team can find a way to survive Zedd and their mysterious new enemies, they may discover the greatest threat to their future is the shocking secret of Zordon’s past! A new Mighty Morphin epic begins here, perfect for longtime fans and new readers alike.

Writer Ryan Parrott had the following to comment about this new series:

“This is a brand new beginning for an all-new Mighty Morphin team featuring characters you know – and an all new Green Ranger. This book is a chance to explore the past, present and future of the team in ways you’ve never seen before.

“Coming out of Necessary Evil, there seemed like an opportunity to not only start fresh but focus the story in on our new MIGHTY MORPHIN team like we haven’t before.” 

While there are some of you out there undoubtedly familiar with artist Marco Renna’s work. It is important to note that this rising star has previously won Top Cow’s 2016 Talent Hunt, he was the main artist on Aspen Comics’ Fathom Volume 1 and most recently drew the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover mini-series.

Mighty Morphin #1 kicks off in November 2020.

New Comics from BOOM! Studios and Mad Cave Studios

Hollywood Trash #1

Ah, Hollywood! Famous for celebs, sun…and murder cults!

The Privy Council is the most exclusive club in town, headed by the entertainment industry’s top mogul, a ruthless exec who enlists his famous underlings to kill the people who stole from him, two local garbage men. James and Billy must survive one epic day of sword fights, forest fires, and giant mechs! At least there’s hazard pay.

Written by Steve Sonneveld and pencilled by Pablo Verdugo Munoz. While little is known about Sonneveld to date. I would call attention to the works of artist Pablo Verdugo Munoz. Specifically, anthropomorphic detective meets anime smart arse, Mr Beaver (out through Action Lab Entertainment). His signature style is all over the art like the crumb’s of a chocolate cake at a fat kid’s birthday party.

With bright, vibrant and bold colours from colorist Jose Exposito it’s unclear whether the story from Sonneveld is going to match Munoz & Exposito pound for pound.

Hollywood Trash #1 kicks off October 7, 2020.

New Comics from BOOM! Studios and Mad Cave Studios

Villainous #1

Tilly, one of the newest super-powered people to join the Coalition of Heroes, is doing her best to navigate the dizzying world of superheroes. Working with her idols should be a dream come true, but when she learns the truth, Tilly’s dream quickly becomes a nightmare.

Now, Tilly has to make a choice — Get in line and stand with her heroes, or take a stand and risk becoming something more… Villainous.

Okay. To be fair, this has probably been down before in one fashion or another. With the superhero conundrums explored to varying degrees thanks to Alan Moore and Garth Ennis. Though, unlike Moore and Ennis, Villainous looks to tug and pull at the immature heart strings of unadulterated fun. What made superheroes and (by default) villains fun for all of us when growing up.

That’s what I’m hoping for.

If nothing else, this comic book proves yet again that the claim of Independent Publishers being no longer interested in Superhero/Villain arcs, is complete and utter bullshit.

Villainous #1 kicks off October 14, 2020.

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