LEDGER AWARDS 2019 – Australian Comic Book Industry Awards Date

LEDGER AWARDS 2019 - Australian Comic Book Industry Awards Date
LEDGER AWARDS 2019 – Australian Comic Book Industry Awards DateLive at last year’s Ledger Awards

LEDGER AWARDS 2019 – Australian Comic Book Industry Awards Date

THE LEDGER AWARDS, established in 2005 to acknowledge excellence in Australian comic books and graphic novels, will be celebrated again this year at the historic State Library of New South Wales. Named after pioneering Australian cartoonist Peter Ledger (1945-1994), the Ledgers are an independent, volunteer-run, not-for-profit annual event. The 2019 Ledger Awards will be commemorated on the 26th of April 2019.

Australia has a long and proud history of creating distinctive and unique comics. Told with insight, passion, enthusiasm and skill. Today’s creators continue to forge a new ‘golden age’ of quality and diversity on the national and international stage.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Ledgers are presented for outstanding work, the Platinum Ledger is presented to individuals for contribution to comic art, publishing, history and community in Australia, and the Ledgers of Honour are our ‘hall of fame’, acknowledging creators from our rich past.

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The 2019 Judging Panel

Judged by a panel of experts, the Ledger Awards are open to any individual comics/sequential art/graphic novel projects, print or digital, that are produced (all or in part) by an Australian creator (who identifies as Australian or lives in Australia). The Ledger Awards are not a popularity vote – the expert judges instead being asked to consider each project on its own merits in creativity, craft and execution.

Former Art Director/Co-founder of Supanova Comic Con and Ledgers committee member, Tim McEwen, had the following to say:

“In my thirty-five years of involvement in the Australian comics scene, I have never seen such an exciting and productive time as now. Quality and quantity are at their highest levels and I believe we’re truly in a new golden age for home-grown comics. They deserve wider recognition, celebration and promotion, and that’s why the Ledger Awards exist.”

Among last year’s Ledgers Alumni included;

Giants, Trolls, Witches, Beasts – Ten Tales from the Deep, Dark Woods
(Allen & Unwin)
Craig Phillips, Writer, Pencils, Inks
Latifah Cornelius, Inks, Production
Elise Jones, Editor
Sandra Nobes, Art Direction and Design

Reported Missing
Eleri Harris, Writer & Artist

Black Magick, Image Comics, Ledger Awards
Black Magick, published through Image Comics

Black Magick #6-10
Greg Rucka, Writer
Nicola Scott, Artist
Chiara Arena, Colour Assists

(Top Shelf)
Chris Gooch, Writer & Artist

Home Time
(Top Shelf)
Campbell Whyte, Writer & Artist

Injustice 2 #1-16
Tom Taylor, Writer
Juan Albarran, Bruno Redondo, Daniel Sampere & Mike S. Miller, Artists

My Struggle With Crohn’s Disease
(Self published)
Safdar Ahmed, Writer & Artist2

Tim McEwen, for outstanding service to Australian comics.

Moira and Kathleen Bertram
Yaroslav Horak

For more information on the 2019 Ledger Awards Event head to LedgerAwards.Org