Giant Mech Graphic Novel THE MONUMENTS KICKSTARTER Smashes Through $30,000!

The Monuments Smashes $30K

Sci-fi fantasy graphic novel THE MONUMENTS is now live on Kickstarter, was funded in 12 hours, and has now collected over $30,000 in pledges from over 750 backers!

THE MONUMENTS is a 140 page, beautifully illustrated, mystery/adventure story from Oliver Mertz (FIRST LAW OF MAD SCIENCE, MAYBE SOMEDAY), Michael S. Bracco (THE CREATORS, NOVO), and Mike Isenberg (FIRST LAW OF MAD SCIENCE, FUBAR).

Creator Oliver Mertz had the following to say about this mammoth achievement:

“We are thrilled with the incredible reaction to the Monuments on Kickstarter. It’s a project that we’ve been working on for years, so to finally share it, and have it take off like it has, is a really great feeling. I am sincerely thankful for everyone who has backed the Kickstarter and supported us. We won’t let you down. I truly believe the Monuments is worth your time and worth a place on your shelf.”

The first issue/first chapter of THE MONUMENTS was released in September 2018. This Kickstarter is to fund the printing for the complete graphic novel. 

The Kickstarter can be found here.

THE MONUMENTS is about a fantasy world in which four warring city-states are forced to come together to face a common enemy: giant mysterious mechs. Right before wiping out the entire civilization, the mechs all power down for no clear reason, leaving the survivors to rebuild their world together.

800 years later. The world has moved on. The city-states are now united as one nation: a land littered with massive robotic relics that serve as monuments to a long-forgotten war.

After centuries of dormancy, one of these long-frozen mechs suddenly powers up, revealing a man who is confused, misplaced in time, and still very much alive.

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