GO GO POWER RANGERS #27 – The Power of the White Tiger

Go Go Power Rangers #27, courtesy of BOOM! Studios

Tommy Oliver was the only one who could wield the Power of the White Tiger

Being the former Green Ranger and servant to Rita Repulsa, Tommy still has the darkness inside of him from the evil he was forced to do while under her control and this issue starts with Lord Zedd trying to convince Tommy to take the White Light. His venom spews and hits Tommy like acid, knowing that he’s had a change of heart.


Artist Francesco Mortarino and colorist Raul Angulo waste no time getting into the action as Tommy makes a stand against Zedd, immediately going on the attack with a kick knocking an infected Saba out of Lord Zedd’s hand before getting smacked in the face with bright red energy from Zedd’s staff.

Go Go Power Rangers panel art

The fight is short and intense, lasting only two pages and sees Tommy look strong in defeat. Mortarino draws Tommy with facial expressions full of desperate anger, knowing that he has to do whatever it takes to keep the White Light from Zedd. Angulo accentuates this by coloring Tommy in his Green hoodie to reflect his past as the light shines behind him.

Meanwhile, the other Rangers are fighting three of Finsters creations at once and losing badly. Parrott does this as a way of showing just how much stronger Finster’s monsters are now that Zedd is the one commanding the villains. Mortarino does a good job of showing how the monsters, going by the Red Sentinel, easily overpower the team.

The villains blast and attack the Rangers from all sides and Mortarino shows how beaten down their Megazord is at this point, kneeling from the onslaught before Jason decides it best to teleport away before they suffer irreparable damage. This defeat really stings given the Rangers were doing so well before and after Tommy started working with them and they finally met a match.

GO GO POWER RANGERS #27 - The Power of the White Tiger 2

What this issue does best, is showing how deserving Tommy is of the White Light

Before the Ranger returns to help his friends, the fight with Zedd is revealed to be an illusion and Saba tells Tommy that the Light-Bearer would reveal themselves by “giving [their] life to protect all life” as Tommy did by taking “Lord Zedd” on like he did.

While the Rangers do their best to regroup, Trini and Zack are met by the Blue Emissary who apologizes for the secrecy with Jason. Of course, the two Rangers are upset by his arrival, but knowing that the fate of the universe is potentially on the line, they offer their help to stop the influx of Morphin Power, leading us to the current Mighty Morphin Series.

After counseling with Zordon and being named the new leader of the team, Tommy drifts down from Zordon’s tube in his sparkly white armor. Martarino and Angulo make him look stunning with glints of light on his golden shoulder pads, shading to accentuate the cleanliness of the white costume and heroic framing as the Rangers then look up to him.

GO GO POWER RANGERS #27 - The Power of the White Tiger 3

The Mega Tigerzord Art is off the chain!

Under new leadership, the Rangers form the Mega Tigerzord and it looks AMAZING. As good as it looked on the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show, Mortarino and Angulo do an awesome job of making it look immensely powerful with it’s insane shoulders, striking colors and a look of intensity though it doesn’t have eyes.

It doesn’t take long for the Rangers to defeat the Scarlet Sentinel and take a rest. It’s here that Parrott and Grace give us human moments like Kimberly and Matt reconciling their friendship, Jason and Tommy coming to terms with the White Ranger leading the team and Jason, Zack and Trini getting ready to brace the unknown future.

Go Go Power Rangers #27 is on sale now.