FALLEN #1 – Mobster Gods Manipulate Hell on Earth

Fallen #1 , courtesy TheFallenComic.com

Gods Fallen To Earth

You’ve heard of gods being cast off the mountain or from upon high. Of sinful angels being cast down below. FALLEN #1 is the start of that trope – except from a different angle. Starting the answer to a question, what if the gods of myth and legend were cast down to earth?


Fallen #1 tells the story of a time long ago when mythical gods (mostly Greek in this issue) were cast down from upon high. Presumably Mount Olympus. The gods of Olympus, Asguardians, Shinto and Aztec gods were forced to live among us.

Soon the gods of old descended into conflict and a ceasefire was eventually struck. A ceasefire that demanded no more interference or influence over matters of mortal men. Suffice to say a workaround was figured out but almost all of the factions.

Fallen #1 , courtesy TheFallenComic.com

Modern Day Godfather Starring… Gods

Fast forward to modern day. Writer Matt Ringel has weaved an intricate world of decadence, human slavery and the struggle for absolute dominance. FALLEN is a world of Game of Thrones, if the various Houses were run by a group of misanthropic man-children with supernatural powers and the urge to play Mobsters.

Just like any Shakespearean tragedy involving a massive power struggle, a key player is taken out from the beginning (not saying who). Leaving room for very God factions to vie for control.

Casper, Zeus’ right hand man and sort of bodyguard, is the reader’s surrogate who introduces us to this Godfather world starring Mythic gods. From his witnessing of a death that the reader will are coming we are thrust into this world of untold power, intrigue and betrayal.

Look, I’ve probably already said too much but the fact remains is this: if you enjoyed Hercules or The Odyssey (the Poem and subsequent 90s mini-series) – then you’ll lap up what this comic book has in store for you.

One more thing, the cover, I don’t love it.