Billionaire Island #5 – Review

Billionaire Island #5  - Review

Billionaire Island #5 – Review

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This Wednesday August 26 is the publication date for BILLIONAIRE ISLAND #5, the penultimate installment of the prescient satire from writer Mark Russell and artist Steve Pugh at AHOY Comics.

Billionaire Island, an island for the rich to go on living, as a lifeboat in the event of a cataclysm or a worldwide pandemic. An interesting satire that writer Mark Russell has handcrafted which plays into the misdeeds and mistrustful nature that personifies CEOs and Billionaires.

Issue #5 depicts the employees held captive on an island designed purely to hold them captive. You could say that Billionaire Island is the Jurassic Park of the corporate world where the savage beasts that will swallow you whole are the Billionaires themselves. If you aren’t familiar with the series to date then don’t let that stop you from picking this issue up as there are plenty of panel time jumps told from the perspective of the island’s builder to bring you squarely up to date with the series.

You’ll find a variety of philosophical and morality issues explored throughout this issue, all relating to the human condition. Issues that invariably pin down the ongoing human issue of classism and mistrust aimed at the elite. Elite that, for all intents and purposes, are gifted into positions of authority. Not because they’re the smartest or the strongest but because they’re the ones holding the purse strings. Without getting too spoilery, the ending is quite satisfying, especially if you’re someone who likes to root for the little guy or has come afoul of the 3%.

What’s immediately striking about this issue is Steve Pugh’s command of human form and expression. From the second or third page you can tell here’s an artist who’s able to tap into the stereotypes of the dreaded elite. While Mark Russell’s blazing commentary from the perspective of a now dead island builder gives a shocking summary of the evils that men do.

If you enjoy dark satire that bleeds uncomfortable truth from the first panel right through to the last then pick up Billionaire Island #5.

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