Battlecats: Tales of Valderia #3 Review

Battlecats: Tales of Valderia #3

Battlecats: Tales of Valderia #3 Review

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About Battlecats: Tales of Valderia #3

Battlecats: Tales of Valderia #3 is part encyclopaedic lore and part Comic Book, focusing on the Anthropomorphic cat universe from Mad Cave Studios. It is written by Mark London, pencilled by Michael Camelo, colouring by Julian Gonzalez and lettering by Miguel Jimeno Zapata. With editing by Giovanna T Orozco and Chris Fernandez. 

Witness the moment the Battlecats first met. Before the struggles at the Skeleton Maze and the conflict between King Eramad III and Valadar, this is the story of how the White Marsh Islands shaped Kelthan and crew into the heroes we know and love today.

Battlecats: Tales of Valderia #3 has an average Comic Book Round Up Score of 7.8/10.

Battlecats: Tales of Valderia #3 Review

Battlecats: Tales of Valderia provides an insight into the first time the characters in the Battlecats flagship comic ever met. A prequel of sorts that introduces us to the youngest ever leader, Kelthan, as a proud young pup sent by his masters to be tested. Among meeting Kelthan as a young cat, we learn new things about the Valderian culture.

Issue 3 starts off with Master Natharien and young Kelthan looking over the kingdom from a high balcony, presumably in the Kingdom of Middlesun, discussing the trials that lay ahead in Kelthan’s training. After a brief exchange we are introduced to Master Rautan, who will soon take Kelthan to be trained which is overshadowed by the Great and Mighty Warrior Valadar.

Kelthan experiences a moment of hero worship and is left mostly speechless as Valadar exits the scene. Leaving us to experience the comradeship and respect Rautan and Natharien feel for one another. They embrace one another as Brothers, leaving Kelthan and Rautan to exit, leaving for Kelthan’s training.

The remaining second half of this issue introduces a young Kelthan to those who would become his team mates in the main Battlecats series: Zorien, Mekkar – Grandson of Goadar (whom we met last issue), Vaela and Kaleera. Barely welcomed to the fold, Rautan soon appears advising them all that they’ll have a Test of Intellect to pass and those who don’t will be sent home.

Pretty soon Kelthan’s smarts are in high demand by the group, especially Mekkar who doubts his own abilities to pass this test. And so begins the start of a beautiful friendship between all 5 felines.

Tales of Valderia #3, though it could be scoffed at as being simply Battlecat Kids, is culturally significant as an insight into how the Valderian Cat people interact with one another. There’s a feeling of respect in how the young and old socialise. How does that saying go? It’s a true measure of a society in how they treat their Sick, Old and their Pets.

Little to no ageism is present in the Master/Apprentice relationships between Kelthan/Rautan and Kelthan/Natharien. What is probably the most interesting part is creator Mark London places a higher emphasis on the matter of Intellect versus the matter of Brute Force. A dynamic that needs no further development when, at this point, we have 2 Volumes of Battlecats material to draw on.

Artist Daniel Jimeno departs with this Issue, giving opportunity for a cleaner and well rounded look. Especially around the faces of the younger Battlecats – Kelthan is adorable. By the time you’ve finished reading this issue, you’ll want your very own Pet Battlecat.

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