BATMAN #85 – A fitting End to an Incredible Run

Batman, Catwoman, Tom King, DC Comics

Tom King wraps up his Epic Batman Run

Tom King wrapped up his epic run on the flagship Batman title in the same way he started out – with great storytelling and a bit of a walk down memory lane as Batman faces Thomas Wayne one final time. Batman #85 is everything fans could hope for, with a fitting end to one hell of a run.


Fans who followed King’s journey from the very beginning will finally understand how the many arcs tie together. After the wedding that wasn’t in Batman #50, Batman and Catwoman prove that they didn’t need an exchange of vows to prove their love for one another, and more importantly Batman #85 highlights just how much Batman relies on her, especially with Alfred gone. 

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Batman has the Last Laugh

King wraps up his run with Batman emphasizing that he chooses to be the Bat, and that’s never going to change. No matter how hard Thomas Wayne tried to convince his son to hang up the cowl and walk away so that he can live his life. Batman has the last laugh, though, as he ends up with his happily ever after with Catwoman at his side. Though Alfred will always be with him, his future is with Catwoman. 

At long last, the Bat seems to be at peace, in as much as Batman can be at peace. Peace never lasts long in Gotham City, and Bruce Wayne is not one to rest on his laurels. There is always something to be done. 

Comic Book, Panels, Batman #85

Its not over until its Over!

In a clever plot device, King weaves a sports metaphor through Batman #85. The Gotham Knights must rally for an improbable victory, and so too does Batman as he battles back from the brink to reclaim his city. You never count out the Knights, and you never count out the Bat. 

After all, it’s not over until it’s over. And that, in a nutshell, is the theme of King’s entire run on Batman.