Dennis Hopper RIP

It’s Been 8 Years Without Dennis Hopper, Here’s His 10 Best Performances

Where Is Dennis Hopper Now? Hopper, who passed away on the 29th May, 2010, was an American actor, film maker, photographer and artist. Hardcore Dennis Hopper fans will remember his initial big break alongside Hollywood royalty James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause (1955). This was followed by a handful of films and television credits … Read more

Annihilation Film Review

ANNIHILATION – Sinks when it Should Swim

ANNIHILATION – Sinks when it Should Swim Annihilation has been received well on Netflix in Australia and I seem to be one of the few reviewers who doesn’t understand why. This self proclaimed intellectual sci-fi tale, based on the book of the same name, weaves an interesting take on macro and micro evolution. Intellectual is … Read more

Voltron Legendary Defender

VOLTRON (2016) – Season 5 Spoiler Free

Voltron Season 5 Takes A Sidestep To The Predictable Formula The fifth season of Voltron : Legendary Defender dropped earlier this week to Netflix’s millions of users. Carrying on the legacy of an ageless anime from the late 80s. Voltron : Legendary Defender, a reboot that should’ve failed in this volatile TV climate, has long … Read more