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INTERVIEW: Getting to know the Colosseum

Newcastle has always been a town filled with innovation. From technology and scientific research to the celebration of Art and literature. Right down to inventions across the mining, defence, and communications industries. It has been a town where different business ideas are celebrated with an open mindedness unique to the region. Over the years this … Read more

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Mid-Season Two Parter Establishes The Orville As Science Fiction Fan Fic

The Orville S02E08 Review and Walkthrough“Identity, Part 1” The Orville has caused many a discussion in the online world. There isn’t a forum or sci-fi facebook group where a frothing neckbeard warrior is repeatedly triggered by Seth MacFarlane’s opus to Star Trek TNG. This legion of neckbeards are determined to create the ultimate divide between … Read more

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[SERIES REVIEW] DC Comics’ Heroes In Crisis

Heroes in Crisis is a Juggernaut Event Tom King and Clay Mann’s mini-series Heroes in Crisis has been a major cornerstone of DC Comics’ storytelling this year. King, a juggernaut who’s been celebrated for his runs on Batman and Mister Miracle, is using his experience as a CIA to inform Heroes In Crrisis. Zeroing in … Read more

Howard the Duck, Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith Announced As Howard The Duck Writer

Kevin Smith Announced As Howard The Duck Writer Last week Hulu announced a deal that would bring 4 new Marvel animated shows to their platform. The shows have been revealed as M.O.D.O.K., Hit Monkey, Tigra and Dazzler, and Howard the Duck. Taking the reins of Howard the Duck is Mr Silent Bob himself, KEVIN SMITH, … Read more

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Supergirl Episode Tackles Transphobia

Supergirl S04E11 Review and Walkthrough“Blood Memory” It’s no surprise that the communist Russian story line takes hold of this Supergirl episode. With the exception that this week the Russian trained Supergirl clone needs medical assistance. A blood transfusion from Supergirl prime. Rest assured, you don’t find out in this episode. “Blood Memory” spends the majority … Read more

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Miskatonic High #1 Oozes Lovecraftian Horror

In the rustic hills of a small New England town lies the prestigious Miskatonic High School. When the school’s Community Service Club goes on a field trip they are launched on a terrifying adventure that will change the lives of each school student – and unleash an ancient evil upon the modern world. That’s what … Read more

Lumberjanes, BOOM! Studios

Lumberjanes #55 Applies Newton’s Third Law

We live in a capitalist hellscape — yet few corporations have brought me more unadulterated joy than Boom! Box. This is primarily due to Giant Days (my save-the-best-for-the-bottom-of-the-pile book) and, of course, Lumberjanes. The series won Eisners for Best New Series and Best Publication for Teens in 2015 — if you haven’t dipped your toe in the water, … Read more