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[REVIEW] Cold Blood Samurai #2 Boasts Intense Ferocity

Cold Blood Samurai… Starring Anthropomorphic Frogs!? Sure, there’s a scene where one of the bad guys has his enemy’s head sliced clean off. But the cold-blood of these samurais is actually in a literal sense. The setting may be feudal Japan, but its inhabitants are frogs, lizards, and crabs. Whom I assume is the title … Read more

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[REVIEW] Vindication #4 Is A Rough Ending

Vindication #4: A Rough Ending to the Series Vindication was a decent enough series and did a good job of building on the intrigue of its mystery and the themes of corrupt cops. How they interact with minorities in their communities. The past few issues were kind of slow builds and climaxed on the fated … Read more

[REVIEW] Psi-Lords #1: Valiant offers another Stellar Reboot 2

[REVIEW] Psi-Lords #1: Valiant offers another Stellar Reboot

Valiant Continues Grow Valiant continues to grow from strength to strength, with yet another stellar title resurrected from the 1990’s . It begins with a simple yet captivating hook – four strangers, seemingly with no connection to one another, awaken on a prison ship in deep space. As they plot and execute an escape, their … Read more

[POST APOCALYPTIC FRONT] The Freeze #2 is Snow Joke 3

[POST APOCALYPTIC FRONT] The Freeze #2 is Snow Joke

The Freeze – Are High Concept Stories a Good Thing? High concept stories. They can be the best thing your brain can consume, or they can be the worst thing you’ve ever laid your eyes upon. There is rarely a compromise between the two, it is an “either or” kind of situation. Once the high … Read more

Knights of the Golden Sun, Christian, Good, Evil, Mad Cave Studios

Knights of the Golden Sun Bastardises Christian Tropes

Knights of the Golden Sun An Original Story Based Off Christian Mythology The second of now four offered titles by indie publisher Mad Cave Studios, Knights of the Golden Sun is certainly something that came from left field. Stories about Christian mythology (God, Angels, Jesus, etc) can come with a dicey proposition depending on who … Read more