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Luna #5 Shows that Love does Conquer All.

Luna #5 Comic Book Review

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Luna #5 Review

Luna #5 is a supernatural thriller comic book with a trippy and mesmerizing art style. It is written and drawn by Maria Llovet with variant covers by NAME. Readers who enjoyed comics like Pretty Deadly or Sandman may enjoy this title as well.

Teresa has made the ultimate sacrifice to save the chained god. As her life drifts away from her, she discovers that her sacrifice is not in vain and the chained god is finally free. Lux and the family of the Sun pursue the two of them, only to find that both Teresa and the chained god are now made stronger by the connection they share. 

Luna #5 is published by BOOM! Studios and is available on June 16, 2021.

Luna #5 Comic Book Review

Luna #5 – Story

In the last issue, we left Teresa Luna in dire straits. She had poisoned herself to stop Lux from hurting the chained god. As Teresa lays there dying, the chained god comes to her rescue and offers up his blood to save and sustain her. The blood reawakens Teresa and her connection to Ahohma, which is the name of the chained god. She now remembers him and their relationship to one another. 

There is a sense of relief at this moment. Teresa begins to understand who she truly is and she can be with Ahohma. It feels right. They have one more task before them to fix what has been broken: Teresa must retrieve the eye of Lachesis from Lux.

We also see Lux finally getting what he deserves when the women of his cult attack him. He attempts to escape to the cave where the chained god was, still intent on using the god’s power to save himself. 

Because of his proximity, Teresa rips the eye from Lux’s neck. The fate of his followers is grim, but they are no longer in pain. This story continues to be complicated and surreal but also raw and emotional. 

Luna #5 – Art

The final issue of this limited series balances out the lovely storytelling panels with stunning and fanciful symbolism. So much of Teresa’s journey is metaphysical, and she is torn between the woman she is currently and the powerful being she could become.

I continue to adore the visuals Llovet uses to portray this journey, which I believe many women and even men can relate to. We watch as Teresa allows herself to become more and more vulnerable through the series, but it also leads her to stepping into her power. 

There are moments she questions her abilities, and this is displayed by the reflection of herself she frequently converses with. That picture of her and her mirror-self do a fantastic job of showing what is to come, and the transformation will change her. 

Luna #5 Conclusion

The finale ties up most of the story’s loose ends, though it leaves us with questions that could be explored in future series if Llovet continues to tell this tale. There is a lot of relief in this issue, both because Teresa can finally step into this version of her higher self and because the Ahohma is now free. 

I wished for a happier ending for the women in the cult of the family of the Sun, but the fate they face is a reality for many women who follow a narcissistic and charismatic leader. Ahohma’s actions toward them are compassionate but final. 

All in all, I hope that we see more of these characters and this story in the future. Llovet does a fantastic job of evoking strong emotions throughout the story. 

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