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My Kind of Weird Episode 16 – Psycho Goreman vs Commanders in Crisis

My Kind of Weird Psycho Goreman vs Commanders in Crisis

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My Kind Of Weird Podcast – Episode 16

My Kind Of Weird is a Podcast where two people swap and pitch three kinds of media: something watchable, something readable and something listenable – to see if each person says at the end of the podcast “That’s My Kind of Weird.”

On this week’s episode, Anthony and comic book/entertainment writer Lan Pitts swap three kinds of weird with each other.

Troma-esque comedic horror film Psycho Goreman takes on the first season of zombie cardio TV series Black Summer, The Unwritten Volume 1 proves its a better read than Commanders in Crisis #1 and Punch Up the Jams Podcast takes on Dillinger Escape Plan. Because, reasons.


July 27th, 2021


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