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My Kind of Weird Episode 15 – Orcs vs Nekrogoblikon

My Kind of Weird Orcs vs Nekrogoblikon

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My Kind Of Weird Podcast – Episode 15

with guest: Christine Larsen (Orcs, Adventure Time)

My Kind Of Weird is a Podcast where two people swap and pitch three kinds of media: something watchable, something readable and something listenable – to see if each person says at the end of the podcast “That’s My Kind of Weird.”

On this week’s episode, Anthony and comic creator and artist Christine Larsen (Orcs, Adventure Time) swap three kinds of weird with each other.

It’s an Orcs extravaganza!! Christine flexes her Orcs encyclopaedic knowledge as the Orcs film from 2017 goes head to head with Netflix’s Bright, Grunts takes on Stan Nichol’s The Orcs Omnibus, and Nekrogoblikon’s “Stench” looks to decimate the World of Warcraft Original Soundtrack.


July 12th, 2021


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