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My Kind of Weird Episode 17 – Deftones vs Daughters

My Kind of Weird Deftones vs Daughters

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My Kind Of Weird – Episode 17

with guest: Tim Burden (Morbid Sheep Comics)

My Kind Of Weird is a Podcast where two people swap and pitch three kinds of media: something watchable, something readable and something listenable – to see if each person says at the end of the podcast “That’s My Kind of Weird.”

After an 8 month hiatus (who do you think you are, you’re not in a f***ing band), My Kind of Weird is back. On this episode we welcome Morbid Sheep Comics owner, Tim Burden, into the chair to give his weirdness a pitch. Aeon Flux takes on Alien, the darkness of Al Columbia’s Biological Show in all its weirdness somehow matches up against the suicide heavy comic Borrowed Time and finally Deftones’ Gore squares off with Daughters’ You Won’t Get What You Want in a “who is more alternative metal” competition.

If you enjoyed this discussion then check out Tim’s work on Instagram – @morbidsheepcomics

This Podcast episode is sponsored by “Greenlight Soap” (which is definitely not radioactive).
Greenlight Soap advertisement read by Andy Smith, copy written by Anthony Pollock


March 8th, 2022


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