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Crossover Division #1 is Fantasy at Its Finest and Most Imaginative

Crossover Division 1 Review

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Crossover Division #1 Review

Fictional universes – entities from literature and other creative works – threaten to overtake life as we know it.  It is up to the Crossover Division to find these threats and do away with them before they inflict irreparable harm.  Down-on-his-luck professor Dr. Hank Wallace gets swept into the Division’s path once he meets agents Hector and Daniel after witnessing a peculiar happening one night after work.

Crossover Division #1 was written by Will Allred with artwork by Pablo Martinena, lettering by Brant Fowler and editing by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou.

Crossover Division
Cover of Will Allred’s CROSSOVER DIVISION #1

The Story of Crossover Division #1

In a matter of just a few pages, writer Will Allred creates a memorable protagonist double act in Hank and Hector and takes them – and readers – from the limited confines of real life to an exciting situation with never-ending potential and intrigue and produces a book that you won’t want to put down until the very end.  Given the literary references and cool Easter Eggs sprinkled throughout the book’s plotlines, the storyline possibilities are mind-blowing.  Allred’s dialogue is punchy with elements of humor thrown in to give the audience a chuckle between asking themselves “How the heck?” and “What if…?”’

Crossover Division #1 is Fantasy at Its Finest and Most Imaginative 1
Crossover Division #1 is Fantasy at Its Finest and Most Imaginative 2

The Art of Crossover Division #1

Allred’s script is highly imaginative and engaging enough in its own right, but artist Pablo Martinena’s artwork adds the extra punch to make the story a memorable one and the series itself a “must add” to one’s comic library.  His style has a cinematic feel to it, flowing from one page to the next as if the reader were sitting in the movie theater, watching the latest big-screen blockbuster unfold.  He manages to give the main characters a refreshing look of realism while still satisfying the audience’s thirst for arresting presentations of fantasy whenever the story calls for it.


After I read Crossover Division #1, I immediately found myself wondering when the next installment would be released, hoping it will be sooner rather than later.  The endless directions in which the characters and plot can go creates such a fun read.  Whether you are a fan of science fiction, fantasy, comic books or all the above, I am almost certain you will enjoy this book.  Will Allred has crafted a catchy premise and accentuated it with likable, well-drawn characters and situations and his efforts should be seen and enjoyed by as many eyes as possible.

It should be noted that the second issue, Crossover Division #2: The Brides of Dracula Attack, is hitting Kickstarter very soon.  While the first issue isn’t available for purchase online at the moment, it will be included in some reward tiers for this campaign if you would like to sample the whole series.  You can go here and select to be notified if you would like to know when it is launched.

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