As #Comicsgate Breaks Up, the Factions Go to War

Comicsgate Breakup

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Exiled to Panama by Twitter

Twitter permanently suspended Ro Khabir, leader of War Campaign, over his spicy hot takes. Ro claims that the tweet in question drew the ire of the Twitter because it ended with “1776” which Ro claims flagged the tweet for increased scrutiny.

As mentioned previously by me, I feel the identities of comic creator and edge lord do not mix well and I will cite this as yet another example. Sure, you get noterietay for legendary spicy hot takes, but you still need to have a Twitter account when its time to promote your next campaign.

Comicsgate calling the kettle black

Pots and Kettles

Martina Markota continued making the #Comicsgate circuit looking to shill her GoFundMe for legal expenses incurred by defending a law suit brought in California Federal Court by her former artist and writer on the Lady Alchemy project. She received markedly less support this week than last week. Where once, Michael Bancroft banned anyone from the chat who questioned her narrative during her appearance, now Vikkiverse and Testefy got to ask her some hard questions on Nasser’s channel.

Martina Markota in her video, “Milk is Racist”

As best I can tell from the varied statements made by Ms. Markota, neither side of this legal dispute will be alleging the existence of a contract between the parties outside of, potentially, an invoice for services. The legal question on which the case turns become quite simple then: did Martina pay an invoice from her artist and writer under “Word for Hire” conditions? If so, then she had legal license to use said artwork to promote her Indiegogo campaign. If not, then they team is owed royalties for the money she raised.

Martina resorted to personal attacks against Vikki, and suggested that her hatred for Ethan was such that Vikkiverse was willing to take up with “literal Nazis” so long as she could oppose anyone on Ethan’s side.

As it turns out, Vikki seems to be on better terms with Ethan that Ms. Markota as Ethan soon went on to Kiwi Farms to say that he did not appreciate how she and her husband (wife?) approached him. Ethan dropped the DMs from Jack, Martina’s spouse, who was trying to work a deal with Ethan which would include kissing the ring of the Fascist Frog of comic book outrage marketing so that he could take a strong stand against Nazis.

After Ethan’s excoriating of Ms. Markota’s efforts on KiwiFarms, Nasser did a prompt about face. On his next stream, Nasser described Ms. Markota’s efforts as being a bit suspect and that people would be better off donating much to buy copies of Nasser’s book ASYL instead.

During the Vikkiserse v Martina stream, Jon Del Arroz made an effort to play peacemaker. His argument was that all 3 of them were Trump supports and why should people attack people on “the same side.” Of course, that logic might also seem to apply to Ms. Markota’s art team whom she described and “literal Nazis…alt-right…anti-Semites.” Such allegations have also been hurled at Ms. Markota due to her involvement with the Proud Boys.

If we were to agree with JDA, the question then becomes, why is Ms. Markota attacking her art team who as, similarly, on the “same side.” As JDA now follows in the wake of the Frog Prince, of Indie Comics, I doubt he will continue to support her going forward- another argument dead on the battlefield.

Comicsgate break up

Difficult Breakups

Under pressure over the eternal question of whether Anna, aka That Star Wars Girl, was Comicsgate, The “Ladies of #Comicsgate” fragmented. The former loose coalition of creators brought projects to life such as: Wart the Wizard, Peregrine, Pirate Queen, and Charlie’s London. Infighting has caused Piper to leave the group and, apparently, there was a struggle over who got to use the name, “Ladies of Comicsgate.”

Last evening, Mandy Summers went on with Charlie’s London and Peter Gilmore to excoriate Piper for her allegations of bullying at the hands of Ms. Summers which caused Ms. Summers to go into damage control with her customers who wanted refunds based on those allegations. Charlie’s London voices that Piper was being intentionally manipulated and used by people who intended to damage Ms. Summers.


Various comic creators and critics about the scene noted increased difficulty in getting support from the CG faithful. Michael Bancroft specifically noted that the “sympathy dollars” had dried up and that no longer could one expect to receive support simply to “fund the movement” to “fight the culture war.” The take home message seems to be that to prosper going forward, you have to put out good books. If only someone would have been willing to voice these opinions earlier.

How bad was my Cyberfrog?

Over on Well Read User’s channel, he, Smug Pug, and Moonshine did a review of Xenotype. Despite all 3 of the reviewers holding a personal dislike of Liam Gray, all three ended up concurring that Xenotype was a good book. They rated it as being one of the best books in Comicsgate, particularly from a writing perspective. As a writing and art package, it rated better than the various books of Ethan Van Sciver, Jon Malin, and Richard C Meyer (aka Ya Boi Zack).

Ethan Van Sciver shilling his book to the culture warriors.

Inch High Comics Guy (IHCG) got some traction with a video also characterizing the problems within Comicsgate. He went to Twitter to thank EVS for the subs he had gained after receiving a mention on Ethan’s channel. In the video in question, IHCG described the inability of Comicsgate to recognize and promote quality books.

He noted that, while there were a handful of good books within CG, citing Stump, Kyrie and Elysian Fields, those books were hardly promoted. Instead, as one would have predicted with a group obsessed with Image Comics in the 1990s, the big name CG books features no story, no memorable characters, and “Cool artwork bro.” IHCG went on specifically to recognize the failure of EVS’s leadership and how promoting based on loyalty and not merit had resulted in this problem.

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