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8 Professionals from Different Industries Give their Comic Book Recommendations

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8 Professionals from Different Industries Give their Comic Book Recommendations

8 Professionals from Different Industries Give their Comic Book Recommendations

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Comic Books are a Worldwide Institution but it’s interesting what different people from different walks of life consider to be time honoured Comic Book Classics. So we spoke with 8 Professionals from Different Industries and asked them to Pick their Must Read Comic Books.

Please enjoy what they had to say!

1. Snotgirl and Power Rangers

“I’m a huge comic book reader! My favorite is Snotgirl from Image Comics – which is a brightly colored parody of the online fashion influencer scene…and very kawaii! Also addicted to Go! Go! Power Rangers from Boom! The illustrations are phenomenal and total throwbacks to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, with the GGPR comic book series set in the same 90s era with all-new monsters exploring various “what if” scenarios. The dark, dramatic Masters of the Universe reboot from DC Comics from a few years ago is an all-time classic.”

Submitted by: Michael Freeby, Photographer

2. Archie Comic Books

I love reading the Archie comic books. I’ve read them since I was a kid and love the bright fun designs and the stories and humor in each book. It’s a nice break to read a fun comic as opposed to a dense novel sometimes and the Archie comics are a great read.

Submitted by: Stacy Caprio, Accelerated Growth Marketing

3. Saga, Maus and Y the Last Man

“I like comic books, especially older ones. I’m reading a compendium of Krazy Kat, which dates from the 1920s. I would recommend Quimby the Mouse, Maus, the Saga series, and Y the Last Man.”

Submitted by: Isadora Delgado, Credit Achievers Today

4. My Hero Academia and Avenger’s Academy

“Recently I read My Hero Academia. its a Manga-Anime. i wanted to be a superhero once I read that. the story is basically of a boy called Deku who dreamt of becoming a superhero. the story revolves around evolved species of human beings with supernatural abilities. 

“The comic has everything a reader wants to experience when it comes to cape comics. In fact, Deku’s journey of becoming a superhero is very interesting. He refers and takes inspiration from a lot of American icons like Superman and also Avenger’s Academy. The comic is not at all gimmick and is very fun to read.”

Submitted by: Achintya Kolipakkam, My Best Luxe

8 Professionals from Different Industries Give their Comic Book Recommendations 1

5. Star Wars Comics

“I’m not a HUGE Comic Books reader but I do love Star Wars comic books. My friend Andrew got me into them as a way to learn more about and enjoy the larger Star Wars universe. Before then I hadn’t read comics since I was a kid and was huge into X Men and Spiderman comics. But I’m glad he encouraged me! There are a few characters that are underutilized in the Star Wars shows and movies (Cad Bane, Aurra Sing, etc.) that are the focus of some fun comic series.”

Submitted by: Jay Shifman, Choose Your Struggle

6. Shinya Shokudo Comics

“I’ve been really enjoying the Shinya Shokudo series of comics. A lot of people will know the Japanese television series based on the comic that is on Netflix – Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories. The comic focuses on a bar that operates from Midnight to dawn in Tokyo and the fringe dwelling, left-of-centre types that present between those hours. It has an interesting way of combining human drama with a love of food. 

“From this perspective, it is of interest to anyone with even the most peripheral interest in Japan because it simultaneously offers insights into society and culinary culture of the country. It will help you understand the relationship between, say, the night working salaryman and the homosexual bar owner. But it will also help you know what ingredients you might want to put in a bowl of Tonjiru Pork Soup.”

Submitted by: Peter Head, Japanoscope

7. The Dreaming

“The Dreaming. It’s written by Simon Spurrier and publishedby DC Black Label. One may assume that creating a sequel to The Sandman, the outstanding, seminal comic book series that Nel Gaiman created inthe 1990s would be an overwhelming task for any creative team. I too wassceptical of what any of DC’s Sandman Universe books could offer as follow-upsto Neil completed 76-issue masterpiece. But Bilquis Evely,

“Simon Spurrier and other artists who worked on The Dreaming proved my scepticism was gratuitous. This book is crafted with a natural extensionof the themes and narratives of The Sandman, examining how the Creative Chaos of Dream’s Realm continues to exist as human society rapidly encroaches uponrigid, tech-friendly taxonomies and algorithms. Now I don’t want to give itaway, but this one is a must-read as I’m in awe of it!”

Submitted by: Catriona Jasica, HubPages

8. Battle Royale Manga & Maus

“Currently I have been re-reading the Battle Royale Manga, which is an awesome take on the whole Battle Royale story. In fact, the manga is way better than both the movie and the book in my opinion. The story reminds me a lot of Hunger Games – basically, who will survive a death match to the bitter end between former classmates? It’s a real gripping story that digs deep into the human psyche when we are the most vulnerable.

“If I’d recommend some comic books / graphic novels to begin with, I’d say the following:

*Blankets – this is an absolutely amazing story about growing up in a small town where you don’t feel as if you belong. It’s one of those stories that gives me chills just thinking about it. I wish it was made into a movie, but the comic book is fantastic and one of my all-time favorites.

*Maus – Experience a retelling of the second world war, except the different countries are portrayed as rats, cats and even dogs instead. This is THE best world war story I have ever experienced, all mediums considered.”

Submitted by: Andreas Johansson, Allt om Fantasy

What did you think?

What do you think about the above Lists? Was there a Comic Book Recommendation that caught your eye? Are you feeling nostalgic about your ‘hey day’ of reading Comic Books? Let us know in the comment section below.

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