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19 Podcasts On How to Find Creative Inspiration

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19 Podcasts On How to Find Creative Inspiration

19 Podcasts On How to Find Creative Inspiration during Plague Year

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Hey there fellow readers. Are you feeling stuck or in a rut?

It’s been a really tough year and I don’t know about you but what’s getting me through Plague Year are 2 Things: Music and Podcasts.

Podcasts are like elbows nowadays – everyone’s got them. So I reached out to a few Podcasters across several different genres (Pop Culture, True Crime, Fiction, History, etc) and I asked them ‘How are you finding Creative Inspiration during Plague Year?’

Below are some tips and pointers from Podcasters on how they’re keeping creatively inspired. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed talking to them.

19 Podcasts On How to Find Creative Inspiration

1. First Issue Club Podcast

Since our show relies heavily on new comics, Covid has presented itself with its own share of unique challenges for creating new content. In the beginning, it was difficult because much like many of the inhabitants of the world I was scared, and nervous, and worried about the future. Then I thought to myself what would I want to be comforted by? The answer was people talking about the thing that I love the most; which is Comics.

So with that reflection, we decided to make our shows during the shutdown about comics that made us feel good or inspired us and books that we thought would make other people feel good and forget, if only for a few minutes, that the world was in turmoil. We got a lot of great feedback and interaction from our audience during those few episodes, so we felt assured that our mission had been accomplished.

– Greg Lickteig, First Issue Club Podcast

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19 Podcasts On How to Find Creative Inspiration

2. Just Mash Podcast

For me creativity and focus have been at a high in the time of Covid-19. More time has opened up to write and podcast and the yearning to create something special that can resonate with people is heavily on my mind. Everyone needs something they can connect with, especially in the world we’re living in. I’ve been experiencing as many films as I can that could inspire me and I’m trying to really tap into my own creative interests.

– Josh Davenport, Just Mash Podcast

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19 Podcasts On How to Find Creative Inspiration

3. FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast

We are using this time to re-calibrate. Knowing we talk about horror in real life, we needed to understand what that meant during a new time in the world. We also knew that if we stopped, we would stop forever, and we couldn’t let that happen.

– Andrew, FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast

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4. Riley on Film Podcast

Here are 2 things I do. First, spend a little time tweaking the old watchlist! Many of us have movies waiting on our watchlist we don’t really want to watch. Delete them and prune your list down to just the awesome ones.

Second, get in routines of creature comforts. Some examples: Buy some incense on Amazon and burn it while you podcast. Always have crisp ice water or favorite drink of choice (ie; coffee) My goal is to be as relaxed as possible. Reward yourself once finished! Covid-19 is serious but “This too shall pass!”

– Damien Riley, Riley On Film Podcast

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19 Podcasts On How to Find Creative Inspiration

5. Skeleton Keys Podcast

Be easy on yourself. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and it’s ok if sometimes you don’t have the motivation to record. Try to find the fun. If I’m dragging my feet, I remind myself, “I get to spend an hour talking pop culture and myth with my friend!” That reframing of why I’m coming to the mic can really help.

I have created a folder of all the good feedback and nice things people have said about our podcast. On days when it gets hard and I feel like Covid has sucked all the goodness from the world, I take a tour of that folder. Without fail, I feel better and am ready to turn the mic on.

– Torri and John, Skeleton Keys Podcast

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19 Podcasts On How to Find Creative Inspiration

6. Jrod Concerts Podcast

One of the bright spots in a very difficult period of Covid-19 for music fans has been the extra time and attention people have been able to devote to music. Whether it’s re-discovering old classic records, or enjoy newer releases, it’s not a stretch to say music has kept many people sane. To find creative inspiration for a music podcast like ours, we take it from our special guests. Sometimes we talk to people like Rock and Roll Hall of Famer John Oates (Hall & Oates) who has such a positive outlook on life, that he inspires me and my audience.

Also, we’ll have guests who have overcome dark episodes of their lives, and in turn, give us creative inspiration for these weird COVID times. The music industry also inspires us creatively by releasing some very special music this year. Albums like Margo Price’s latest, Fiona Apple’s outstanding  ‘Fetch The Bolt Cutters’ or Cassadee Pope’s new acoustic EP has given us incredible art in a very hard year.

– Jaime Rodriguez, Jrod Concerts Podcast

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19 Podcasts On How to Find Creative Inspiration

7. What I Heard Was Podcast

During the Covid-19 lockdown and now restricted travel and movement in general, we have found significant creative inspiration in talking to people who are having a difficult time.  We find so many people feel alone in this fear and anxiety they are unfamiliar with.  We are trying to create content that acknowledges these difficulties in a relatable and light hearted way.  We are trying to spread the message that we see you and we hear you and we support you.

Jennifer, What I Heard Was Podcast

What I Heard Was Podcast>>>

19 Podcasts On How to Find Creative Inspiration

8. Brains Byte Back Podcast

For me, inspiration has come from seeing how people have adapted to life under quarantine. I take experiences I hear other people having, people I know or see in the media, and take a magnifying glass to these topics on our show. These experiences are often shaped by reports and research published by the psychology community. I am a big psychology nerd and every day I read Reddit’s /r/psychology/. It is full of interesting reports, research, and articles that often influence the topics of our show and provide a great deal of inspiration. 

There have been many posts relating to the impact of quarantine on our sex lives, so, in a recent episode, we looked at “Libido in Lockdown: Exploring Copulation in Isolation.” Whether you are single or have a partner, this is something we can all relate to and that is clearly true as it has been one of our most popular episodes over the past few months. 

– Sam Brake Guia, Brains Byte Back Podcast

Brains Byte Back Podcast>>>

19 Podcasts On How to Find Creative Inspiration

9. Fictionphile Podcast

I’m finding creative inspiration in the knowledge that escapism is a perfectly necessary thing in these times. It makes our podcast especially relevant during the pandemic. For one, friends can’t get together and shoot the breeze about their favourite movies, so it’s almost like a chance to socialise by joining in the listening audience.

– Jason Boyd, Fictionphile

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19 Podcasts On How to Find Creative Inspiration

10. X-Reads Podcast

Quarantine has been rough but has allowed me the opportunity to step into the unknown. I’ve acquired instruments to play, watched new genres of shows that I’m not as familiar with, and have made it a priority to stay connected with friends.

I’ve found staying home has allowed me time to meet new X-Men fans via social media and connect over Zoom to celebrate the characters and stories we love.

– Chris & Chandler, X-Reads Podcast

X-Reads Podcast>>>

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19 Podcasts On How to Find Creative Inspiration

11. Bioconnect Podcast

I think the best and easiest way to find creative inspiration right now is to stay informed and to not be afraid to branch out into new topics. We are living through history in so many different ways, and as stressful as it can be, there is so much to talk about.

It’s important to understand that amazing conversations can come out of living in such a polarized time, but only if both parties are willing to listen. Because of this, I think inspiration can stem from looking at multiple facets of an issue.

– Saanvi, Bioconnect Podcast

Bioconnect Podcast>>>

19 Podcasts On How to Find Creative Inspiration

12. Shakeshero Podcast

We actually started this podcast because of the limitations of quarantine. We were stuck inside with not a lot to do, missing being able to create art and perform, and we kept having these awesome conversations about Shakespeare’s plays and whether they were relevant. We looked around us and we had Paul’s audio equipment and access to my virtual library of Shakespeare films, so we took those limitations and worked within them to create something that naturally arose from those constraints.

This is something that Shakespeare often did when writing a sonnet, with a certain number of syllables per line and lines per stanza, and it’s helped me realize more clearly that limitations are something that can spark creativity, rather than limit it.

– Chloe & Paul, Shakeshero Podcast

Shakeshero Podcast>>>

19 Podcasts On How to Find Creative Inspiration

13. Dishonorable Mention Podcast

It’s pretty easy. Between trying to lift up businesses in our community, to our states whacked out politics and colorful characters all while being entertainment junkies-we stayed very inspired. We feature Florida man stories every week and that alone reminds us where we live and who we are. We’re both bougie and backwoods.

And we’ve been having incredible guests-since everybody’s in lockdown we’ve brought in incredible thought leaders from all over the country. From media insiders, to disinformation scientists, to the creators of the freak shake and chefs who have started homemade reality tv. We remain topical and laugh a lot. And have a genuine positive bipartisan banter.

– Becca Tieder, Dishonorable Mention Podcast

Dishonorable Mention Podcast>>>

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19 Podcasts On How to Find Creative Inspiration

14. For Your Reference Podcast

Creating consistent content in normal circumstances is difficult and it has not been any easier during a pandemic. We funnel a lot of our creative energies into our podcast so keeping to a similar schedule has been a necessary reprieve for us. It’s a balance of keeping to routine but also having the acceptance that sometimes we might fall short.

– For Your Reference Podcast

For Your Reference Podcast>>>

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15. Reel Times Trio Podcast

Because we are an entertainment podcast, I think we are more relevant than ever. One thing people are seeking during the pandemic is fresh content, or rather, “quarantinement.”
With our early access to streaming services, Video on Demand, and premium cable, we want to be an informed resource.  We point out what’s out there and what should be on your radar. We make sure we’re plugged in to our professional affiliations. We also keep up-to-date about studio release dates and reopening cinemas.

We select a guest each week who will contribute some new information or another perspective, and that’s been a real boost of energy. We want to keep the conversation lively. We love talkin’ showbiz!

– Lynn Venhaus, Reel Times Trio Podcast

Reel Times Trio Podcast>>>

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16. The Jetpack Podcast

My fuel for staying on top of the podcasting routine were (and still are) the people I interview. We discussed the challenges they face, both professionally and personally. Listening to their stories was great and even the home office circumstances weren’t that difficult to handle. I’ll admit that staying in a closet in order to reduce the echo felt awkward at first, but one call in and I already thought it’s fun!

If I was to give any advice, I’d say that the key is to find great guests to talk to and do lots, lots of research around them. I was excited to speak to people who work on their own businesses, and I learned a lot from them too. The pandemic has been stressful, and I tried to turn my podcasting duty into something fun and horizons-broadening.’

– Kajetan Wyrzykowski, The Jetpack Podcast

The Jetpack Podcast>>>

19 Podcasts On How to Find Creative Inspiration

17. Art Smitten Podcast

I’m staying creatively inspired for Art Smitten by diversifying what kinds of TV shows and movies I watch and discuss. Following Martin Freeman’s career in my host discussion series opened me to different genres and films I hadn’t seen. Martin has inspired me to continue experimenting with what I watch and I have another similar series of host discussions planned for this season.

– Viv Micic, Art Smitten Podcast

Art Smitten Podcast>>>

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19 Podcasts On How to Find Creative Inspiration

18. Creative Breakthrough Podcast

I spotlight successful creatives of color who provide informal mentorship to those on their creative journey. When COVID started, I knew I needed to find a way to stay creative, especially since all the comedy clubs had shut down. I’ve done a few different things.  
I started creating chicken wing recipes you can make with the ingredients you already have at home.  I love wings, so this kept me motivated, but also helped me find a new avenue to be creative. 

I volunteered to teach stand-up comedy to high-school students.  Last week, my class consisted of students from across the world including, USA, Canada, UK, Congo, Kenya, and Russia. 
And lastly,  I started a Facebook group for my listeners and creatives to share inspiration and motivation with each other.  The group members post about their podcasts, arts, and music to help inspire others to keep creating.

Shereen Kassam, Creative Breakthrough Podcast

Creative Breakthrough Podcast>>>

19 Podcasts On How to Find Creative Inspiration

19. Geek-O-Pedia Podcast

Covid is a dark time for me. Every morning, I drive in to work past the testing lines. Over the months, they’ve grown longer. With it grows my anxiety. To find creativity during the months of a pandemic, I turn to music, movies and shows which fueled my nostalgia for creativity.

Going back and revisiting the Back to the Future trilogy and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures reignite the passions for SFF which made me want to write in the first place. During this time, I hope to create works which will inspire future readers picking them up during hard times as well. That is my hope.

– Jay Sandlin, Geek-O-Pedia Podcast

Geek-O-Pedia Podcast>>>

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What do you Think?

What are do you think about the quotes above? Did they resonate with you as much as they did with me? I hope they get you through Covid and give you some inspiration during these tough times.

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