Zack Snyder Did Nothing Wrong

Zach Snyder

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Zack Snyder vs Fandom Menace

Zack Snyder Did Nothing Wrong
The cover of the relaunch of Stealing Solo features both Jeremy Griggs of Geeks and Gamers and Ethan Van Sciver.

The alliance between the Fandom Menace and Ethan Van Sciver, who co-opted the name “Comicsgate”, back when you had the movies “The Last Jedi” followed by “Captain Marvel” coming out, all Comicsgate and Fandom Menace YouTubers did everything within their creative power to call out the “SJW” corruption of beloved nostalgia icons.

But that association cooled a bit when Jeff Hicks (aka World Class Bullshitters, a Fandom Menace channel) initially fulfilled Stealing Solo; the book came with the backer information printed right on the book. Inside the book, the art, lettering, and story were clumsy and phoned. Ethan Van Sciver, who had previously promoted Mr. Hicks as a young Joe Quesada, had to know acknowledge that perhaps Mr. Hicks, “Does not know what industry standards are.”

Despite the debacle, Ethan continued to associated with the Fandom Menace as well as participate in the weekly “High Council” from which he eventually distanced himself a year or so ago. Meanwhile, the weekly JACK show finds Cecil, Jon Malin, and Anna, that Star Wars girl, in regular collaboration showing the association between Ethan’s circle and the Fandom Menace remain alive and well.

Zack Snyder Did Nothing Wrong 1
Jeremy Griggs of Geeks and Gamers

For the last year or so, Fandom Menace channels have latched onto Zack Snyder, the original director of the DC’s Justice League movie, as being superior to the theatrical version done by Joss Whedon, a person now considered an “SJW.” Warner Brothers has responded to the calls for an alternative version (aka The Snyder Cut) of Justice League, and the Fandom Menace has been doing a victory lap in celebration of their clout.

Part of this celebration involved an attempt to get Zack Snyder to directly endorse the efforts of the Fandom Menace by seeking to attach his name to a charity fund raiser. Having raised some $70k for suicide prevention, the director was contacted and asked if he might come on with the Fandom Menace crew. He did, but explicitly stated that he did not want to be associated with Geeks and Gamers. “There’s no room for hate,” according to Mr. Snyder.

When your response to hate is immediate de-humanization

The outrage was swift and immediate. Interestingly, Ethan Van Sciver was not brought on the Fandom Menace stream to peddle his outrage. Instead, he was forced to “stream snipe” it from his own channel where he described Mr. Snyder’s snub as emblematic of how “SJWs can not be reasoned with” for they will only “stab you in the heart in from of your audience.”

While Mr. Snyder did not call out specifics, I will. Mr. Van Sciver is the most dedicated merchant of outage for clicks in that circle, and it is quite telling that Jeremy Griggs is keeping Ethan at a distance. But not too distant, for the visages of Ethan and Cecil graced the re-launch of Stealing Solo which Ethan Van Sciver did shill a couple of weeks ago.

Zack Snyder Did Nothing Wrong 2
Ethan Van Sciver

That Mr. Van Sciver, a continued business associate and content partner’s response to Zack Snyder’s statement was to declare that “SJWs aren’t people.” but instead “Politics chunked in human form,” vindicates and validates Mr. Snyder’s objection.

People are free to raise money for charity all on their own. Geeks and Gamers was seeking to get the blessing of Mr. Snyder in order to built their clout in the entertainment industry and they were rightly rejected. The entire wing of outrage merchants does nothing for art, and has proven quite destructive of culture.

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