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Roundhouse Hooligans pays homage to Grindhouse Classics

roundhouse hooligans

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Roundhouse Hooligans gives Kickstarter a run for its Money!

Inspired by the glorious grindhouse greats like Tarantino and Rodriguez, Aussie comic book studio Freefall Comics, have put together this exceptional tribute the very thing which makes films like Grindhouse and Machete magical in their own perverted way. And that perversion rings true in the style of the art as much as the planned synopsis across these first two issues of the aptly named Roundhouse Hooligans comic book series.

Roundhouse Hooligan #1 cover art
Roundhouse Hooligan #1 cover art

What is Roundhouse Hooligans?

Roundhouse Hooligans is an action/drama following a group of orphaned, misfit teens who have been cast out and forgotten by society. Together they are trying to find purpose in a world they feel so disconnected from. The story picks up when the city and one of their own comes under threat from a long-forgotten foe. Together the Hooligans must stand up and become the unlikely heroes.

This is a story for the underdogs, the battlers and downtrodden. At it’s core, it’s about family (albeit and quite often, a delinquent family!) who encourages and accepts every member for who they are, scars and all! Throughout their journey the Hooligans will be forced to overcome their fears and fight for what they really believe in.

Roundhouse Hooligan #2 cover art
Roundhouse Hooligan #2 cover art

Why should I support Roundhouse Hooligans?

The creative team behind Roundhouse Hooligans have worked their tails off to create an independent comic book series worthy of the Grindhouse/Exploitation film genre. Fans of Tarantino will salivate at the ass kicking drama that Roundhouse Hooligans has in store for you. With the promise of absolutely no superhero bullshit except plenty of inspiration drawn from films such as MacheteDesperadoFrom Dusk till DawnKill Bill and many others.

Despite the promise of ass-kicking, you’ll be pleased to know that Roundhouse Hooligans diversifies its story telling with plenty of romance and drama on a collision on almost every panel. With the focus being human relationships of all sorts and sizes. The promise here is you’ll find plenty of scenarios and life events that most of us human folk can relate to. 

Hell, we’re name dropping here but the creative team have gone to say that if you’ve ever binged shows like Sons Of AnarchyBanshee, Justified or read comics like Kick AssThe Walking DeadThe BoysPunisher, and Deadly Class then you sure as heck are going to love these comic books.

Roundhouse Hooligans is the first comic book series published by Free Fall Comics. Story by L.A Keim alongside Brian Kerr as Co-Writer, Pencils/Inks by Riccardo Faccini (Fractured Shards),  Colours by Kirsty Swan (Green Hornet, Blood Queen), and lettering by Darren Close (Killeroo, Struggle). 

The Roundhouse Hooligans Kickstarter is your opportunity to pick up Issues #1 and 2 of this soon to be beloved comic book series and binge all the way through. Each comic book issue are 26 pages long and if you’re strapped for cash then you can settle for just the first issue (although I don’t know what type of deranged psychopath would do that).

Additionally, there are plenty of extras available for each backer to sink their teeth into. Including nude cover, t-shirt bundles, prints of all the available variants, sketch bundles and more.

Let’s recap:

  • Roundhouse Hooligans #1 and 2 are available as full color, 26 page comic books.
  • Variant covers including a nude variant are available to pick up
  • Stunning prints of all the Variant Covers are available
  • Sketch and TV bundles are also available

Don’t make yours Marvel. Make your risk, a Roundhouse Hooligans risk.

Where’s the Roundhouse Hooligans Kickstarter Link?

If this article has encouraged you to check out Roundhouse Hooligans then here’s the Kickstarter link.

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